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Is Freaky streaming? How to watch the horror-comedy

One of the best slasher movies of recent years is streaming now, with Vince Vaughn and Kathryn Newton mixing gore and laughs. Here's how to watch Freaky.

Kathryn Newton in slasher movie Freaky, which is now streaming

Is Freaky streaming? Happy Death Day creator Christopher Landon delivered another wry twist on the slasher genre with Freaky – a body-swap comedy with more bloodshed than a Game of Thrones box set, but five times the laughs. At least.

Freaky is one of the best slasher movies of recent years, but it was released during the pandemic-hit year of 2020 and was mostly ignored by audiences on the hunt for the best horror movies. It starred Kathryn Newton as a teenage girl and Vince Vaughn as a serial killer who, while trying to murder her with an ancient knife, inadvertently swaps bodies. Soon, the killer is perpetrating horrific violence while pretending to be a high-schooler.

Frankly, it was up there with the best comedy movies as well as being a top horror pick. So we’ve had a look at how to watch Freaky, on digital platforms and the best streaming services. You can also check out our Freaky review to see what we thought of the movie.

Where can I watch Freaky?

Freaky is available to stream via Amazon Freevee (USA) and Sky/NOW (UK), and you can also buy the movie on digital platforms.

The movie has a streaming home on both sides of the Atlantic, or slasher fans can rent or buy it. It’s available to buy on all of the major platforms including Amazon, Google Play, YouTube, and Apple TV.

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Is Freaky streaming?

Yes, Freaky is streaming in the USA via Amazon Freevee and in the UK via Sky/NOW. US audiences can watch Freaky for free, albeit with adverts, via Amazon Freevee, while viewers in the UK will need either a Sky subscription or a NOW Cinema Membership, which currently costs £9.99.

Is Freaky on Netflix?

No, Freaky is not on Netflix in either the USA or the UK. We’ll keep an eye on the catalogues and update this guide if anything changes.

Vince Vaughn in Freaky, which is one of the best slasher movies in years

Is Freaky on Disney Plus?

No, Freaky is not on Disney Plus. And as the movie was not produced by either Disney or 20th Century Studios, it is unlikely that this particular slice of slasher carnage will arrive on Disney Plus.

Is Freaky on Prime Video?

No, Freaky is not on Prime Video, but it is available to rent or buy via Amazon. In the USA, Freaky costs $3.99 to rent and $14.99 to buy in 4K. For the UK audience, the 4K digital version of the movie is available to buy for £4.99.

Kathryn Newton and Vince Vaughn in horror-comedy Freaky

Is Freaky on Blu-ray?

Yes, Freaky is available on Blu-ray. It’s good news if you’re in the USA, because you can get Freaky on DVD, Blu-ray, and 4K Ultra HD. In the UK, you’ll have to import the higher-quality discs, because it’s only available on DVD.

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