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Fast and Furious star making the perfect TV series ahead of Fast 11

Sung Kang, who plays fan favorite character Han in the Fast and Furious franchise, is working on an unscripted TV series about cars and their owners.

Sung Kang as Han in Fast X

The Fast and the Furious saga has offered many fan favorite characters over the years, and everyone has someone that they consider Fast family. One of the most popular has been Sung Kang’s Han – who was even brought back from the dead after fans demanded his return. And Sung Kang is now taking his Fast experiences to the next level – with a reality series about cars.

The Fast and Furious star is currently filming his new unscripted series, called The Ride Life with Sung Kang, and is about to take it to Cannes. “I’m in support and respectful of the SAG-AFTRA strike and grateful for their permission the participate in The Ride Life,” Kang said from Warsaw in Poland, where he is currently shooting.

Kang says that being a popular member of the Fast and Furious cast means that people are very open and inviting with him; “I’ve been thinking about this series for over a decade now. The privilege and blessing that comes with working on the Fast & Furious franchise is the character I play is so beloved that I have the garage key to everyone’s story. Everyone wants to invite me in crack open a beer,” he told Deadline.

Kang seems more interested in the owners than he actually is in cars; “I’ve met some amazing human beings through [Fast and Furious]. These are people who inspire me on many levels. I felt it was selfish to keep this knowledge and experience to myself. When you look at the landscape of car shows, they follow a certain build: how fast the cars go or how they are built. You don’t see the person behind them. The car is the front, but the person is the inspiration.” It sounds as though playing one of the best Fast and Furious characters, Han, has opened a lot of doors for Kang.

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The Ride Life will see Kang traveling around the world, meeting people and their cars. Michael O’Connor of Insight TV said; “we’re very fortunate to have Sung introduce our global audience to his lifetime passion for cars, his interactions with the communities that revere them, and his unique view of the world.” Going from one of the best action movie series to a more wholesome-sounding Top Gear sounds like a great move for Kang.

Han will of course be back for Fast and Furious 11, which may or may not conclude the long-running franchise. We’re looking forward to more action in Reacher season 2.