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The Evil Dead Rise ending explained

The new movie has a messy, blood covered ending that will sure to stick in your head after you leave the theatre, so let's recap the Evil Dead Rise ending.

Evil Dead Rise ending explained: Alyssa Sutherland as Ellie in Evil Dead Rise

What happens in the Evil Dead Rise ending? (Spoilers ahead for Evil Dead Rise!) Evil Dead Rise is the newest movie in the Evil Dead franchise, putting a modern spin on the classic madcap tale of Deadites, eyeballs, and chainsaws.

But with an action-packed ending that gives this new movie a good shot at becoming one of the best horror movies of the year, it might have all been a bit of a blur. (A big, blood-stained blur.)

The new Evil Dead movie focuses on a small family in an old apartment building, and the night of terror they encounter after stumbling across an old, mysterious book. But how does it end? Well, here’s everything you need to know about the Evil Dead Rise ending.

What happens at the end of Evil Dead Rise?

Evil Dead Rise ends with Beth and Kassie defeating the Deadites and escaping, but it actually concludes with a connection to the film’s opening scene.

At the film’s end, Beth (Lily Sullivan) successfully bests the Deadites that have inhabited her sister, niece, and nephew. The showdown takes place in the underground parking lot of the apartment building, where a bloody final battle is done between Beth, the Deadites, and her remaining niece Kassie (Nell Fisher).

Beth, taking a note from Ash’s historical book, takes a chainsaw to the mutated Deadite beast and shoves it backwards into a wood chipper, causing a waterfall of blood to cascade throughout the parking lot. Yeah, it’s about as gross as it sounds.

Beth and Kassie then leave, finally free from their night of terror and off to live the rest of their lives together (and no doubt with mountains of therapy bills).

Evil Dead Rise ending explained: Lilly Sullivan as Beth in Evil Dead Rise

That’s it, right? Well, actually, the film doesn’t end there.

The opening sequence of the movie takes place in a cabin in the woods, the setting of which harkens back to the original ‘80s movie The Evil Dead. In the opening scene, a group of teenagers are decimated by a Deadite that has possessed one of their own. The lakeside rampage is quite shocking, and certainly throws audiences into the chaos head-first.

But when the movie then flicks over to the apartment-based story, audiences might have been left wondering, ‘Hey, what gives?’ How did the Deadites end up at the lake in the first place in the film’s open? What does this have to do with the main story?

Fear not, because Evil Dead Rise has it all figured out. In fact, once Beth and Cassie have successfully escaped, we skip forward to the next morning. Another resident of the building, Jessica, completely clueless as to the carnage that has happened the night before, walks down to her car, discussing an upcoming lakeside getaway with her cousin on the phone.

Suddenly, she spots the pools of blood surrounding the car. She steps out and begins to panic. But she’s unable to do anything since, through a sweeping POV shot, the audience watches as the Deadites (not so dead, after all!) attack and presumably possess Jessica.

It’s then that the logic of the opening scene falls into place. The final scene acts as a nice connection to the otherwise random opener, and ties the whole film together as a beautifully gruesome package.

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Is there a post-credits scene in Evil Dead Rise?

There isn’t a post-credits scene for the movie, but there is a small audio detail after the fact.

After the credits end, the sound of a fly buzzing can be heard in the background. Not much by way of additional scenes, but a neat little atmospheric detail.

Evil Dead Rise ending explained: Gabrielle Echols as Bridget in Evil Dead Rise

Will there be an Evil Dead Rise sequel?

Currently, there is no news on an Evil Dead Rise sequel.

But given that the Deadites managed to survive, we wouldn’t be surprised if another Evil Dead movie was on the horizon at some stage. Though that will likely depend on the success of this most recent addition to the franchise.

Essentially, Evil Dead has been going strong since the ’80s, in various forms of sequels and reboots, so it wouldn’t be unusual if this added a whole new potential for expansion when it came to the Deadites and their antics.

Well, there you have it! The Evil Dead Rise ending explained. For a full breakdown of what we thought of the movie, check out our Evil Dead Rise review. Plus, find out whether Evil Dead is based on a true story, and find out whether Evil Dead Rise is streaming.

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