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New horror movie Iron Lung is going to break a brutal Evil Dead record

Evil Dead is undoubtedly among the high watermarks of the best horror movies, but Iron Lung is taking on the Deadites to set a particularly gruesome record.

Iron Lung is set to break a horror movie record set by Evil Dead in 2013

If you’re a fan of horror movies and videogames, then Iron Lung should very much be an upcoming film on your radar. Directed by YouTube sensation Mark Fischbach, aka Markiplier, it’s set in a post-apocalyptic future and involves a voyage through an ocean of blood. That’s right; imagine Willy Wonka’s chocolate river, but full of viscous gore.

In fact, it’s that crimson-hued surf that has put Iron Lung right up with the Evil Dead franchise in terms of a key metric: the most fake blood used in a movie. That record was previously held by the 2013 Evil Dead reboot, one of the best horror movies in years, but Iron Lung is going to smash that number, according to Fischbach.

We got a fresh look at one of the goriest new movies on the way with the new Iron Lung trailer this week, teasing the sheer quantity of blood on show in this story of a convict sent to explore the ocean of blood for resources in a submarine nicknamed “the iron lung”. We certainly can’t wait for the Iron Lung movie release date.

In a July 2023 video update to his fans, Fischbach said the production on Iron Lung involved “somehow I think breaking the record for most blood in a horror movie”. He added: “I’m trying to calculate the numbers to prove that.”

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We’re looking forward to seeing the math. We know that Fede Alvarez ordered a 50,000-gallon truck of fake blood just for the climactic rain scene of Evil Dead, so it’s a tough act for Iron Lung to follow.

However, based on that trailer, we think that Alvarez might have a contender. Whether or not Iron Lung joins the ranks of the best video game movies, it’s definitely set for the upper ranks of any list of films based on density of blood. Prepare your stomachs because this one is about to get very gruesome indeed.

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The original Iron Lung game was released in 2022 to strong reviews and the creator, David Szymanski, is heavily involved with the movie adaptation. We have high hopes that this could prove to be a hidden horror gem. If nothing else, it’s sure to deliver on the gore front. Avatar 3 will be blue, but Iron Lung is definitely red.

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