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Everyone who dies in John Wick 4

Everywhere Baba Yaga goes he leaves behind a trail of dead bodies. Here's everyone who dies in John Wick 4, warning spoilers ahead.

Who dies in John Wick 4

Who dies in John Wick 4? It should surprise no one that the assassin, John Wick’s latest outing, is packed with plenty of death. There are bullet-ridden casualties, car-related injuries and plenty of big falls that don’t end well either. However, what makes John Wick: Chapter 4 so special is that not even bulletproof suits can save some main characters this time.

Warning major spoilers ahead! After the events of the action movie John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, John Wick 4 sees our titular anti-hero take on the High Table. That means John’s enemies are more powerful than ever and are hell-bent on destroying him and his allies. However, with some globetrotting, new faces, and a huge amount of action scenes, it can be tricky to keep track of Wick’s new kill count.

Well, The Digital Fix is here to provide all the intel you need to know about the new movie’s casualties. Here we break down who survived and everyone who dies in John Wick 4. So, buckle in and get ready to reload, folks!

Who dies in John Wick 4?

  • The Elder’s guards
  • The Elder
  • Charon
  • Osaka assassins
  • Shimazu Koji
  • Berlin henchmen
  • Killa
  • Paris assassins
  • Chidi
  • Marquis Vincent de Gramont
  • John Wick
  • Caine
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The Elder’s guards

John Wick: Chapter 4 starts with some kills straight away. After training for a while in the underground of New York, Wick makes his way to try and retrieve the wedding ring that he gave to The Elder in John Wick 3. Along the way, he meets some bodyguards on horseback, and well, in typical John Wick fashion, they all die.

Who dies in John Wick 4? The Elder

The Elder

The next person to kick the bucket is The Elder himself, aka the ultimate leader of the High Table. John Wick asks for his freedom and for his ring. The Elder gives him nothing, and John decides that the response isn’t good enough. John shoots the Elder in the head – kickstarting the High Table to up its efforts in eliminating him once and for all.

Who dies in John Wick 4? Charon


I know; we are heartbroken too. Unfortunately, Charon, the concierge at the New York Continental, meets his maker at the start of John Wick: Chapter 4. The New York Continental is blamed for John Wick’s actions against the High Table and is demolished. Winston is spared but must live with the fact that his friendship with John led to Charon being shot by the new leader of the High Table, Marquis Vincent de Gramont.

Who dies in John Wick 4? Osaka assassins

Osaka assassins

The High Table tracked Wick down to Japan, where he meets the manager of the Osaka Continental. And, of course, plenty of folks on the High Table and the hotel’s side die during a massive confrontation. Some are shot, some are stabbed, but they all end up dead either way.

Shimazu Everyone who dies in John Wick 4? Koji

Shimazu Koji

Shimazu Koji, is the manager of the Osaka Continental and has one of the most honourable deaths in the entire movie. After helping John Wick escape the High Table, he takes his wounded daughter Akira to safety. However, they are stopped by Caine – an old friend to both Koji and John who is bound to the High Table’s order for the sake of his daughter’s safety.

Caine demands to know where John is. Unwilling to give up his friend, Koji engages in a sword fight with Caine and ends up getting stabbed in the chest. He dies in his daughters’ arms, knowing that he never betrayed those close to him or sacrificed his core morals.

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Berlin henchmen

Just like Osaka, there are plenty of henchmen who get caught in the crossfire during the next stop in John’s journey. John is tasked with killing Killa, the German leader of the High Table who killed the head of his ex-family due to John’s past affiliation with the group.

By conducting some good old revenge, John can get his ticket back that was used in John Wick 3. John’s ticket is needed in order for John to kill the Marquis in a duel and be free once and for all. So, Killa’s henchmen all die as they continually get in the way of Wick’s final mark.

Everyone who dies in John Wick 4? Killa


Killa is the head of the German branch of the High Table, who John Wick is tasked to kill. And, oh boy, was he hard to take down. After being slashed in the neck with a playing card, getting shot in the butt, an axe to his leg, and plenty of punches to his face, he still wouldn’t go down. What ultimately killed Killa was a fall off the railings of the Berlin nightclub. Killa landed on the stairs head first, cracking his skull and killing him for good.

Paris assassins

Again here is another gang of unlucky extras. After John challenges Marquis Vincent de Gramont to a duel, he is given the deadline of sunrise in order to get to their agreed duel site.

Marquis Vincent de Gramont isn’t taking any chances – opening up a £20 million contract on John in order to stop him. So tons of assassins take a whack at John and end up getting shot, stabbed, run over, and set on fire in the process.

Who Dies in John Wick 4? Chidi


Chidi is the second-in-command to Marquis Vincent de Gramont and is hell-bent on stopping John from getting to the site of the duel on time. However, despite being a damage-taking machine in his own right, Chidi eventually dies – but not by John Wick’s hands.

Instead, the tracker, Nobody, shows up. Previously Chidi aimed a gun at Nobody’s trusty dog, but Wick saved the animal just in time. Nobody isn’t ready to forgive, though, and he shoots Chidi – killing him. His dog also decides to pee on his head for good measure too.

Everyone who dies in John Wick 4: The Marquis

Marquis Vincent de Gramont

Let’s be honest; once John Wick said he was going to kill him, we all knew what would happen. Despite using Caine as a substitute for his duel with John, the Marquis de Gramont does end up entering the firing line. After missing each other twice, Caine and John raise their guns 10 paces from each other. John is shot in the stomach and is knocked to the floor.

In typical movie villain arrogance, the Marquis decides to deliver the killing shot himself, freeing Caine of his substitute duties. However, as he approaches John, Winston reveals that John actually never fired his gun, and that he still has a bullet. So, John shoots the Marquis in the head – winning the duel and ending the movie’s main antagonist’s life.

Everyone who dies in John Wick 4: John Wick in a church

John Wick

Yep, you read right, John Wick, the same John Wick who survived a fall from the roof of the New York Continental, has finally died. However, it wasn’t in a bullet-crazed blaze of glory. Instead, our titular hero went peacefully.

After the duel with the Marquis, John staggers to the steps of the church by their duel site. With the sun rising and blood loss and exhaustion kicking in, he slowly closes his eyes and never wakes up again. John Wick 4 ends with Winston and Bowery King looking at John’s gravestone – which stands next to his wife’s and reads “loving husband”.

Everyone who dies in John Wick: Caine


Ok, here is the most tricky entry on our list because although we never see Caine’s death, it is heavily implied in the John Wick post-credit scene. In the after credits, we see that Caine – now free of the High Table – is off to reunite with his daughter. However, on his way to her, Akira pops up and pulls out a dagger.

Now it is obvious that Akira plans to avenge her father, Shimazu Koji, and will stop at nothing. So our bet is that Caine’s story is the most tragic of all – forced to kill his friends for his daughter’s safety and then taken down before he could finally be with her.

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