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Escape Room 3 release date speculation, cast, plot, and news

There's truly no way out as this conspiracy franchise keeps drawing its victims (and us) into its dangerous world. Escape Room 3 promises even more thrills.

We were always a bit freaked out by the idea of escape rooms, even before a series of mind-bending thriller movies told us we could be the victims of a sinister conspiracy. With the Escape Room 3 release date on the way, we’re expecting even more deadly puzzles and tangled villain schemes.

The first Escape Room was released in 2019 and introduced us to the mind-bending conspiracy that was trapping people in deathly puzzles. One of the best thriller movies of that year, it’s basically Saw with a tech sheen. Escape Room 2 gave us a hell of a cliffhanger, so we’re very excited to see what the future holds for new movies in the franchise.

Escape Room 3 release date speculation

Escape Room 3 won’t be with us until at least 2025, but they’ll want to strike with a sequel while the franchise still has a bit of buzz.

After the release of Tournament of Champions, director Adam Robitel said the prospect of a third came down to box office returns. “We’ll see! I always say, let’s see if there’s a desire for it. It all comes down to bucks, as they say,” he told Nightmarish Conjurings in 2021.

Escape Room 2 went on to make $65.8 million on a $15 million budget, which is not bad for a film released in 2021, just after cinemas were able to open their doors again. So full steam ahead right?

Well, sadly there has been no sign of Escape Room 3 just yet. But don’t lose all hope — an announcement could be just around the corner. You never know when the dastardly folk at Minos will show up.

Escape Room 3 release date: The cast of Escape Room 2

Who’s in the Escape Room 3 cast?

Taylor Russell and Logan Miller should return for Escape Room 3 as Zoey and Ben given the shocking cliffhanger ending of the previous movie.

Russell has had a fantastic couple of years, particularly after the release of critical darling Bones and All, so it’s hard to say whether she’ll want to come back for a third or try a new career path.

Escape Room movies have featured a new group in each film who are drawn into Minos’s schemes, alongside the two returning faces. This should hold true for the third, with more victims who find themselves trying to solve the lethal conundrums with Zoey and Ben.

Unfortunately for them, it means they’ll mostly be dead by the end so that our heroes can emerge victorious – or as victorious as Minos will allow.

Potential Escape Room 3 cast list:

  • Taylor Russell as Zoey Davis
  • Logan Miller as Ben

Escape Room 3 release date: The cast of Escape Room 2

What is Escape Room 3 about?

Escape Room 3 will pick up after the orchestrated plane crash that ended the previous movie, with Zoey and Ben trapped in a new escape room complex.

The Escape Room 2 ending showed Zoey and Ben taking a plane home, thinking that they’d thwarted Minos once and for all. Unfortunately, the puppet masters had another trick up their sleeve and the plane was revealed to be yet another death trap.

We can expect another Escape Room movie to be structured like the others, full of inventive, elaborate puzzles for Zoey, Ben, and some other hapless participants. It’s likely we’ll also learn more about Minos, like how the company managed to wriggle out of being found out or fully subdued.

From there, answers. What’s really going on with Minos? Can Zoey and Ben actually get free? C’mon, we need a sequel to find out! Nobody said being a character in one of the best horror series was fair!

Tayor Russell as Zoey in Escape Room

Is there an Escape Room 3 trailer?

There’s no Escape Room 3 trailer yet as the movie hasn’t started production, so we’ll be waiting several years.

Be aware that any “trailers” you see online are just creative fan-made edits comprised of footage from previous movies. But if you’d like to revisit the first film, it’s streaming at no extra cost on Hulu in the US. You can sign up for the streaming service here.

There’s also an extended cut of Tournament of Champions out in the wild, so be sure to check that out if you’re a fan of the theatrical version and want more. As for right now, though, this intrepid YouTuber has worked out how to beat every room in the second movie.

YouTube Thumbnail

Where can I watch Escape Room 3?

In the past, Escape Room movies have all been theatrical exclusives before streaming, so we expect Escape Room 3 to play in cinemas before landing on VOD and Netflix at a later date.

The best horror movies can bring in a lot of profit at the multiplex, so we’d expect Escape Room 3 to play for a while before being available for rental and purchase. After that, Sony’s deal with Netflix in the US means the movie would stream there before any more of the best streaming services could house it.

Holland Taylor in Escape Room: Tournament of Champions

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