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Doctor Who producer didn’t know if the sci-fi series would continue after Jodie Whittaker left

One of the Doctor Who producers says he wasn't sure if the cult sci-fi series would be renewed after its star Jodie Whittaker left the show

Doctor Who producers were unsure if the show would be renewed after Jodie Whittaker left

The beloved titan of popular culture that is Doctor Who feels like it has been running forever, and will probably continue to do so for many, many years to come. But with star Jodie Whittaker set to leave the sci-fi series this year, along with showrunner Chris Chibnall, the show’s executive producer has revealed he didn’t know if Doctor Who would continue beyond its current iteration.

Doctor Who is officially the longest-running sci-fi series in the world, and is currently the BBC’s biggest and most popular property. Audiences have seen great actors like Christopher Ecceleston, David Tennant, Matt Smith, and Peter Capaldi come and go. But now, Whittaker’s time as the thirteenth Doctor is coming to an end, too.

Executive Producer Matt Strevens admits that the imminent departure of both Whittaker and Chibnall, both of whom will bow out in this year’s Centenary special, left the rest of the production team in doubt as to what the future will hold. But, thankfully, any concerns were put to rest when it was announced that Russell T. Davies, who sparked the initial reboot of Doctor Who back in 2005, was returning to the show.

The current run, and in particular the most recent season of Doctor Who, has been criticised by many for its predictability and poor writing, leading many to assume the worst. Indeed, when David Tennant left the role in 2009, there was also talks of wrapping the whole thing up then.

However, showrunner Russell T. Davies has confirmed he will be back to oversee the next regeneration of the famous time-traveller, and that we will see a new, fourteenth Doctor on the BBC when Jodie Whittaker leaves. Davies had previously worked on the series between 2005 and 2010.

Referencing a panel from the Doctor Who convention Gallifrey 1, the Twitter account @scribblesscript revealed the quote from Strevens, who actually claims he and his team “did not know there would be another series of Doctor Who,” and that they were only told of Davies’ return, and ultimately the show’s renewal, the day before the announcement.

As for when the TARDIS will return, and who will take over the legendary role of the Doctor, remains to be seen. Jodie Whittaker’s final appearance as the Doctor is set to air in the autumn on the BBC, with a two-part special.