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Rick Moranis’s Disney movie return gets surprise update

Rick Moranis almost returned to the silver screen for a new movie from Disney, and though circumstances got in the way, hope is not completely lost just yet.

Rick Moranis in Honey, I Shrunk The Kids

If you’re wondering why you haven’t seen Rick Moranis in anything for ages, that’s because he retired from on-screen acting over two decades ago. That might change relatively soon thanks to Disney, if fans of some of his best movies would like it.

Back in 2020, Moranis was reportedly on board for a Disney Plus movie based on Honey, I Shrunk The Kids. The project, known as Shrunk, was on the cusp of happening before Covid-19. Since then, we’ve had very little word on the Disney movie, and it appeared to be a casualty of the pandemic.

Now, suddenly, Josh Gad, who was due to star in the upcoming science fiction movie, has provided some clarity. “Truth is, we were inches from starting and then Covid-19 hit,” he starts in a tweet. “Inches from starting again and then my schedule exploded with conflicts, inches from starting again and budget got the best of us. If you want it, let your local Disney know.”

Although it’s not the update anyone wants, at least it’s one that makes sense. The stars aligned before the pandemic, and now budgets and schedules are all out off whack. It sounds like if people would like to see the adventure movie, they should talk to Disney as Gad, at least, sounds keen.

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He’s due to portray Nick Szalinski, one of the grown-up children of Moranis’s Wayne Szalinski. We don’t know much about the premise, but we can guess Nick might accidentally recreate one of his dad’s wacky experiments that makes people tiny, and then Wayne will need to be involved in saving the day.

Really, we’d just to be happy to see Moranis again. He’s voiced some of the best animated movies over the last couple of decades, but otherwise he’s stayed private, raising his children after his partner passed. You can catch all the original Honey, I Shrunk the Kids movies on Disney Plus. Check out our new movies list to see what else is coming out.