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Disney fans really aren’t happy about the Moana remake

They're already turning Moana into a live-action Disney movie, and fans are really, really not happy about the idea of this remake at all.

Moana in the Disney movie Moana

So, Disney has plans to turn Moana into a live-action Disney remake. We have to say, we’re not super keen on the idea, and neither are fans of the animated movie.

The musical adventure was a huge hit back in 2016, but for some reason, just seven years later, the House of Mouse intends to regurgitate the story and bring it to life once more without the magic of animation.

When Disney was remaking older family movies like The Jungle Book and Cinderella, it made sense. But, even touching ‘90s movies like The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast felt a little unnecessary. Now, we believe the Moana live-action remake sends a sad message about animation.

Movie fans agree, too. Upon the announcement, one Twitter user said: “Okay this is where someone must intervene… Moana not even 10 years old.”

Another Twitter user had a better idea for more from Moana, suggesting: “At the end of the animated film Moana, our hero finally inspired her people to explore the world… Wouldn’t it be a great idea to make a sequel or series that followed up on that hopeful ending?”

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The new movie will feature Dwayne Johnson as Maui once more, bringing his cartoon character to life. With the news of this casting, one Twitter user said: “It doesn’t even look like they’re changing the cast or much of the creative team, they’re just… making the same film they already made, again?”

Fair criticisms, one and all. But hey, let’s wait and see… maybe this Moana remake will be the best movie ever made. Or maybe not. Until then, check out list of the best Pixar movies and the best Disney movies. Or find out who we think is the best Disney princess.