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Aladdin 2 release date speculation, plot, cast, and more news

The live-action remake of Aladdin was a smash hit back when it released in 2019, and conversations are being had about an Aladdin 2 sequel.

Aladdin 2 release date: A Whole New World sequence in Aladdin

What is the Aladdin 2 release date? Out of all the live-action Disney remakes, Aladdin easily ranks among the most successful.

Not only was the adventure movie one of the highest-grossing of 2019 easily crossing the 1$ billion mark, but it was also able to inject some freshness into the story unlike some of other remakes (I’m looking at you, The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast). Since its release, conversations have been had about a sequel to the Disney movie.

So what do we know about the prospect of a sequel to the romance movie? We’re here to fill you in with everything you need to know about the Aladdin 2 release date, plot, cast, and more.

Aladdin 2 release date speculation

As of April 2023, we do not know the Aladdin 2 release date. Last we heard, Aladdin 2 was in active development, but in March 2023 Mena Massoud that it was “very unlikely” that the film would still happen. Disney hasn’t officially confirmed that right now, though so, just sit tight for some official news.

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Aladdin 2 plot speculation

We know next to nothing about the Aladdin 2 plot. You might assume that the live-action Aladdin 2 will follow the same story as the animated movies and that it would be an adaptation of The Return of Jafar or Aladdin and the King of Thieves.

However, Aladdin 2 will not be a direct adaptation of either of these. Though it may borrow from some of the plot elements within the movies, it will be a new story, not based on previous Aladdin sequels. So we know what it won’t be, but what we don’t know is the direction it will take.

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Aladdin 2 cast speculation

If the sequel does go ahead there are some actors who we presume will join the Aladdin 2 cast. Unsurprisingly, they’re the biggest three cast members, whose characters still have stories left to tell.

The Aladdin 2 cast so far includes:

  • Mena Massoud as Aladdin
  • Naomi Scott as Jasmine
  • Will Smith as Genie

It was reported that Will Smith’s Genie (formerly portrayed in iconic fashion by Robin Williams) would get more of the spotlight, and an expanded role although after the 2022 Oscars slap who knows if that’s still happening.

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