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Disney Plus is “underpriced”, says Disney CEO

The streaming service Disney Plus offers plenty of great entertainment, and Disney CEO Bob Chapek thinks the platform is actually cheaper than it should be

Lightyear on Disney Plus

The age of the streaming service is well and truly upon us, with pretty much every studio now operating its own platform to keep us all entertained. You’d be hard pressed to find a studio who can match the power of Disney though, and according to Bob Chapek, the company’s CEO, the Disney Plus service is “underpriced”.

With an incredible array of classic Disney movies, Pixar movies, and the conveyor belt of content from the MCU and Star Wars too, there’s no denying Disney Plus is an absolute buffet when it comes to its range of selections. Still, in this economy, we could do without any more price increases, right?

While the Disney Plus price is going up in December, don’t worry, Bob Chapek isn’t threatening to hike it up even further (yet). Speaking at the Goldman Sachs’ Communacopia and Technology Conference 2022 (via Variety), Chapek simply commented on how cheap the service is, in relation to its competitors and what they offer.

“I think we’re way underpriced relative to the value we provide,” Chapek said. “We have an embarrassment of riches in terms of the plethora of content we have coming from our creative engines,” he added.

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Despite rising costs, the future does sound pretty expansive for consumers of the House of Mouse. Not only is Disney planning to bring in an ad-free package and an ad-inclusive package at different prices to “cater to diverse consumer needs,” but the platform is also set to “become a platform for engagement” with all the Disney’s products and services, going beyond just being a home for Disney Plus movies.

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