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Demon Slayer are fans shook by how hot unmasked Haganezuka is

It turns out Demon Slayer character Haganezuka is a snack when unmasked, and fans of the anime series are not holding back on sharing their opinions about it.

Haganezuka in Demon Slayer

New episodes of Demon Slayer season 3 are currently releasing on Crunchyroll, the best streaming service for anime. And after a Haganezuka unmasked face reveal in episode 7, The Swordsmith Village arc is heating up.

Spoilers ahead because this week’s episode revealed The Swordsmith’s identity after Gyokko slashed off Haganezuka’s mask. Haganezuka’s apprentice, Kozo, tries to guard him, but to no avail.

Demon Slayer viewers watching in awe were rewarded with a close look at Haganezuka’s face, which fans on the r/KimetsuNoYaiba subreddit had a lot to say about.

Unmasked Haganezuka in Demon Slayer season 3 episode 7

On the Episode 7 discussion thread, open to all fans who want to talk about the Demon Slayer characters and storylines, the comment section is full of appreciation.

PrincessBleach said, “Haganezuka is damn hawt.” While user peeshah deftly added, “Haganezuka a SNACCCCC”. In the image above, you can see said snack.

One of our picks on our list of the best anime series, the show has revealed the character’s bulky body before, but his face is typically behind his strange mask. Unmasked, he has long dark hair, brown eyes, and brows to kill for.

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