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Why did Dark Flash turn evil?

The new DC movie, The Flash, is packed with surprising villains, but one that sticks out is a version of Barry. Here we explain why Dark Flash turns evil.

Why did Dark Flash turn evil: Ezra Miller as Barry Allen in The Flash

Why did Dark Flash turn evil? DC’s fastest hero finally has his own movie. However, fans may be wondering why a certain character in The Flash crosses over to the dark side. Warning, major spoilers ahead!

The DCU has broken into the multiverse with the new movie, The Flash. In Barry Allen’s latest outing, fans see the titular DC character time travel, meet different versions of himself, and even encounter a brand new DC villain known as the Dark Flash. That is right; not every version of Barry is a selfless hero, folks. But you may be wondering how the loveable racer turned into a villain. What is The Flash’s alternate dark origin story?

Well, we’ve got you covered when it comes to unpacking franchise baddies. Here we go over Dark Flash’s mentality and answer the big question ‘Why did Dark Flash turn evil’ in the new DC movie?

Why did Dark Flash turn evil?

Dark Flash turns evil because he becomes consumed with trying to save his own timeline, despite the fact that his efforts are causing the destruction of every alternate dimension.

Dark Flash is revealed to be the younger Barry, who keeps entering the Chronobowl in order to try and save Supergirl from being killed by General Zod. With Zod undefeated, everyone in his timeline dies, a fact that he can’t live with.

However, as we learned earlier in the superhero movie, no matter how much you try and change something, sometimes there are “inevitable intersections,” meaning that no matter what Dark Flash does, he can’t save his world.

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However, he still refuses to quit trying leading to his obsession, turning him into a villain. Ultimately Barry must destroy this desperate and corrupted version of himself in order to save the universe. It is a harrowing moment, and if you want to learn the full scope of this final battle, you can read our detailed account of it in our The Flash ending explained guide.

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