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Is Henry Cavill’s Superman in The Flash?

The Flash is finally here and there are plenty of DC character cameos to go though. So here is our guide on whether Henry Cavill's Superman is in the new movie.

Is Henry Cavill in The Flash: Henry Cavill as Superman in The Man of Steel

Is Henry Cavil in The Flash? Despite being the fastest member of the Justice League, The Flash has taken its time when it comes to his latest movie. However, after years of waiting, the new film is finally here, and it turns out that Barry Allen isn’t the only iconic hero to make a big-screen appearance.

The new DC movie, The Flash, may focus on the titular DC character, but fans will be pleased to hear that there are tons of Easter eggs and cameos to look out for. But you may be wondering who out of the vast DCU roster made the cut for the superhero movie. Or, considering that General Zod (aka a murderous Kryptonian) is the main DC villain in the film, if that means Henry Cavill’s Superman joins The Flash cast too?

Well, The Digital Fix is here to answer all your questions about the new movie below. Here we go over if Henry Cavill is in The Flash, and if so, how much screen time Clark Kent has. Warning, spoilers ahead!

Is Henry Cavil in The Flash?

Yes! Henry Cavill is in The Flash; well, at least his image briefly appears in the new movie. While Cavill doesn’t have a cameo with lines like Gal Godot’s Wonder Woman or Ben Affleck’s Batman, we do see archival footage of the star as the Man of Steel pops up.

During The Flash, Barry Allen races through time and lands in the Chrono Bowl. The Chrono Bowl is a warped kind of time arena where the superhero can see alternate timelines and images from his past appear before his eyes.

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And one of these said images is Henry Cavill’s Superman. As we mentioned above, Cavill’s cameo isn’t new footage, though. Instead, his image from the action movie Justice League has been repurposed for his brief appearance in The Flash.

While fans may be sad to hear that Cavill didn’t technically get any new or meaningful screen time in the flick, you can rest easy knowing that there is still plenty of Kryptonian representation with the new DC character, Sasha Calle’s Supergirl. So, silver linings!

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