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What is rataalada? The Riddler’s website is counting down to something

The real life website based on the one seen in The Batman, rataalada.com, has begun a mysterious countdown hinting that The Riddler has big plans for Gotham

What is rataalada? The Riddler's website is counting down to something

Despite Matt Reeves’ The Batman only releasing in theatres on March 4, 2022, there is already a new teaser to keep fans excited about the future adventures of Gotham’s masked vigilante. The Batman‘s promotional website, rataalada.com, shown during the thriller movie‘s credits, has been updated with a very mysterious countdown. Warning: spoilers ahead!

Rataalada.com is a real-life website, which has been live since the first major press screening of Reeves’ DC movie. Fashioned after the online page that The Riddler (Paul Dano) uses to mock Robert Pattison’s Batman in the film, fans could visit the website to start solving puzzles uncovering the secrets of Gotham’s elite. Although The Batman ended with Dano’s character being captured, as the website shows, this villain‘s story is far from over, and even now, The Riddler is being kept fresh in the public’s mind.

When fans visit rataalada.com, the page now takes users to a link with a countdown below in the form of a loading bar. When clicked, the link takes readers to a secret jpg file titled ‘Its_Not_Over_Yet’. In the mysterious document, when uncovered using the Riddler’s coded cypher, the message reads ‘something is coming.’

Currently, the countdown loading bar sits at 41%, and many fans are still searching for more clues about the upcoming announcement. Previously the website has revealed multiple promotional teasers ahead of The Batman’s release, such as a video of Thomas Wayne’s electoral campaign, which the Riddler edited over the phrase ‘Hush’. The new teaser could be the first indication of The Batman 2‘s future storyline.

It is also possible that the message refers to the release of cut material from the drama movie. Reeves has previously hinted that there is a deleted scene involving Barry Keoghan’s surprise character, which fans saw at the end of his film. So, who knows? The Riddler may be gifting us with that clip in the future too.

Right now, this is all just speculation and fans can only wait and guess what the villain’s message will actually be. While we wait for more news, why not check out more DC content with our guide to the Arrowverse?