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New Batman movie just tied an awesome record from The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight is widely regarded as the best Batman movie of all time, but a new contender has matched Christopher Nolan's epic film.

Christian Bale as Batman in The Dark Knight and Merry Little Batman

If you thought The Dark Knight was the best Batman movie of all time, you’d be correct… or at least you would have been correct until just last week, when Merry Little Batman came along and stole Christopher Nolan’s thunder.

Long before the DCU was conceived, and the DCEU did whatever the DCEU was trying to do, Batman fans had their minds blown by Christopher Nolan’s trilogy of Batman movies. The second instalment of that series, The Dark Knight, is not just regarded as one of the best superhero movies ever made, but literally one of the best movies ever, period.

The 2008 flick has the Rotten Tomatoes score to prove just how good it is, too, currently standing at a 94% critics score. However, the new movie, Merry Little Batman, has just achieved a 94% score, too! So which is actually the best?

Well, if we really dig into it, the Christopher Nolan movie still wins the day. First of all, the audience score on the two films are pretty far apart. The Dark Knight stands at 94% with audiences, while Merry Little Batman holds a (very respectable) 78% at the moment.

It’s worth bearing in mind the new Christmas movie also currently has just 18 reviews, whereas The Dark Knight’s score is accumulated from 346 reviews. Still, it will be intriguing to see where Merry Little Batman lands once we see more critics having their say on the matter.

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Either way, it’s a huge success for the DC animated movie, which actually dropped on the Prime Video streaming service as opposed to going down the usual route of a Warner Bros product. At this time of year, getting a festive little film out to the masses is a great idea, and clearly fans of the Caped Crusader are having lots of fun with Merry Little Batman.

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