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John Cena has perfect answer for people asking about Peacemaker season 2

With the season one finale barely cool, speculation for season two of Peacemaker is already rife. Just don't ask John Cena about it.

Aquaman and Peacemaker

Peacemaker has proved itself wildly popular – both in critical response and number of viewers – with HBO Max reporting their biggest single-day performance. Therefore, a second season being announced before the season one finale aired was not that big of a surprise. Just don’t ask star John Cena what’s going to happen in season two.

With a certain guest star (or two) popping up in the Peacemaker finale, it has led to speculation that Chris Smith might be heading underwater in the future. Cena’s response when asked about the likelihood of this by Yahoo was priceless, however.

“I’ve done a few of these interviews after the finale and every one of them wants to speculate about what the hell is gonna happen in Season 2. And that makes great conversation because there’s excitement over the next season. But holy s**t, I’m not responsible for any of those choices. I don’t write the thing.” James Gunn will reportedly have even greater control for season two, writing and directing every episode himself.

Cena continued; “You gotta talk to the madman named James Gunn for that. I think he’s very clever in everything he does, and he doesn’t waste a sentence. So, in my perspective, those might indeed be safe dots to connect, but you never know. We may never see that. I don’t control any of that stuff. And we can talk ourselves in circles about what’s gonna happen on Season 2, but it’s really up to just one guy.”

Peacemaker was an unlikely character to spin off from The Suicide Squad, especially given his sticky end, but both Gunn and Cena have given him hidden depths in the show, and Cena has shown a dramatic range to his acting that we’ve not really seen before. Plus he can really bust a move while wearing tighty-whities.

While we wait for someone other than John Cena to provide some updates on season two of Peacemaker, check out our guide to The Boys season three and find out what we know so far about The Flash movie and Aquaman 2.