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Jason Momoa “in talks” for dream DCU role after Aquaman 2

Many had suspected that, after the Aquaman 2 release date, Jason Momoa's time in the DCU would be over. But now, it seems the actor is in line for another role.

Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry in Aquaman

We haven’t even seen Jason Momoa‘s next outing as Aquaman yet, but it seems the actor is already lining up his next move in the DCU. If the reports are to be believed, Momoa will be ditching the Seven Seas for the Nine Circles of Hell, as he may finally be landing his dream role as Lobo.

Momoa has been a mainstay in the DCU for the last seven years, from cameos in Batman v Superman to leading his own flick, and teaming up with the Justice League. You can’t watch the DC movies in order without catching a glimpse of Momoa, usually shirtless, and always delivering some quip about how awesome things are. With the Aquaman 2 release date on the way, many had suspected that would be the end of Momoa, as James Gunn introduces his slate of new movies.

But, it seems there may be a place for Momoa in Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters, after all.

According to a report from Variety, Momoa is now likely to leave behind the role of Aquaman after the upcoming film. But, he could end up being the only member of the original Justice League crew to have a part to play in the rebirth of the DCU.

Apparently, Momoa “has engaged in talks” to portray one of the best DC villains, Lobo. It’s a role that Momoa has publicly spoken of his desire to take on in the past, and it seems he may now see his wish come true. It is said the actor could bring the character to life in Superman Legacy, or get his own solo movie entirely.

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While Momoa certainly fits the bill physically for a live-action incarnation of this burly rogue, and in theory, he has the kind of chaotic energy that Lobo may require, I have to say I have my doubts. Lobo could be one of the best DC characters, but Momoa isn’t exactly someone who you can bank on to deliver a solid performance. He may be popular, but is he a good actor? I fear not.

Then, of course, there is the continuity issues of casting an actor in another role within the same universe. Yes, the reset button is seemingly being hit on the DCU, but it will still feel a little strange to completely ignore the fact that Momoa was Aquaman, and accept he’s now someone entirely different.

Who knows, maybe this was the role Momoa was born to play and we will end up with one of the best superhero movies? Hopefully I’m wrong, but until we know more, dive into our guides on The Batman 2 release date and the Joker 2 release date for some of the best movies from the franchise.