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Is Barry Allen a virgin in The Flash?

The Flash is finally here and fans may have gotten more information than they'd bargained for. Here is our guide answering is Barry Allen a virgin in The Flash.

Is Barry Allen a virgin in The Flash: Ezra Miller as Barry Allen in The Flash holding a Batman boomerang

Is Barry Allen a virgin in The Flash? Buckle up, folks, because the Scarlet Speedster’s new film is finally here, and it comes complete with some massive revelations. Warning, minor spoilers ahead!

The new DCU outing, The Flash, is packed with exciting titbits for fans. There are surprising DC character cameos, an impressive multiverse DC movie storyline, and plenty of one-liners to keep us entertained. However, what fans may not have expected is how the new movie also addresses the titular hero’s love life (or lack thereof).

Here we go over all the embarrassing details revealed in the new movie and answer the burning question on every DC fans canon obsessed mind ‘Is Barry Allen a virgin in The Flash?

Is Barry Allen a virgin in The Flash?

During The Flash, it is confirmed that Barry Allen is a virgin. That is right, at least in the DCU, the speedy hero isn’t familiar with physical intimacy, and now we all know that fact (whether we like it or not) thanks to Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth.

In the new superhero movie, Barry is tied up by Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth, a magical weapon that forces anyone captured by it to obey Diana’s commands and spill their darkest secrets. At the beginning of The Flash, fans see Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman make an appearance and use the fabled weapon on the titular character.

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The result is Barry admitting that he has never had sex in front of his Justice League comrades, talk about an awkward conversation. It seems like the superhero team may need an HR department if Wonder Woman continues using her Lasso on her co-workers if you ask us.

Anyway, fans can now find out if Barry’s love life has a shot at improving in our guide explaining if Barry and Iris get together in The Flash. You can also learn more about the new film by reading our The Flash review.

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