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Do Barry and Iris get together in The Flash?

The Flash is finally here and, besides saving the DCU, love may be in the air. Here is our guide explaining if Barry and Iris get together in the new movie.

The Flash - Barry Allen and Iris West

Do Barry and Iris get together in The Flash? Behind every tortured superhero is a kick-ass love interest. So, fans may be wondering if Barry Allen ever seals the deal with his other half, Iris West. Warning, major spoilers ahead!

The new DCU movie The Flash is finally here and focuses on one of the best DC characters of all time, the speedy hero Barry Allen. However, as fans of the DC comics will know, Barry’s story is complicated, and you may be wondering if Warner Bros managed to fit everything into the new movie – specifically the Scarlet Speedster’s love life.

Below, we break down if Barry managed to save the DCU as well as get the girl in the latest of the new DC movies. So buckle up and get ready to learn if Barry and Iris get together in The Flash, because The Digital Fix has left no lovebug-infested stone unturned.

Do Barry and Iris get together in The Flash?

Yes! In The Flash, it is hinted that Barry and Iris will become an official couple as the two chat and reconnect at the end of the movie.

Barry has always had a crush on Iris, and after his dad’s trial is sorted, he can finally start pursuing a romantic relationship with her, now that he isn’t consumed with proving that his dad didn’t kill his mother.

If we look at The Flash comics, their relationship status as a couple is also fully confirmed, just in case The Flash’s ending was too ambiguous for your liking. In the DC comics, Barry and Iris get married.

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Yes, their relationship does get somewhat complicated after the wedding once we learn that Iris was actually born in the 30th century (The Flash and time travel has always been a thing), but that doesn’t change the fact that she is Barry’s main love interest.

So, there you have it. Iris and Barry are a couple and, whether in the new movie, The Flash TV series, or the comics, get together. If you are curious about the rest of The Flash movie besides Barry’s love life, you can read our The Flash review.

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