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One of Green Lantern’s most powerful enemies is a house cat

Green Lantern faces some of the best DC villains, but the common cat that makes up this particular cosmic adversary might just take the proverbial milk.

Ryan Reynolds in Green Lantern

Green Lantern has faced many cosmic threats, but there’s one the DCU might be too afraid to bring to the screen. One of the best DC villains, and a threat to Green Lantern that’s more fearsome than any movie villain you can think of: Dex-Starr, the spacefaring cat.

Part of the Red Lantern Corps (y’know they’re bad because of the color!), Dex-Starr has been a claw in the Green Lantern’s side for over two decades now, being introduced in 2001. Created by Peter Milligan, Ed Benes, Rob Hunter, Nathan Eyring, and Carlos M Mangual, Dex-Starr debuted in Red Lanterns #1, back in 2002.

The feisty feline’s backstory is a little tough, so brace yourself. Originally a cat named Dexter, his owner was killed during a robbery. Distraught, detectives kicked him out of his own home. The negative energy from this misery draws Atrocitus, who gives Dex a ring, granting heightened power and intelligence.

Dex-Starr has all the typical lantern powers, but still uses the regular body of a cat. His language is slightly stilted, because he never fully learned to speak, but when he shows up, he’s there to be ferocious.

Dex-Starr in Red Lanterns

There aren’t many stories featuring Dex-Starr. Like a lot of bizarre comics characters, you get the sense he was an experiment that didn’t fully pan out, and it’s up to each creative team’s discretion if they want to use them.

We think he’d be a fine addition to any story. A kitty of the cosmos attacking the protagonists? Instantly one of the best TV series or best action movies. That would easily become a favorite in any DC movies in order rewatch.

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Sadly, not the case for now – maybe the Creature Commandos release date could rectify that. Or maybe the Lanterns release date or Superman: Legacy release date. If this has you curious for more comics history, check out how Groot was actually a Marvel villain before joining the MCU, and the General Zod that wasn’t even Kryptonian.

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