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The DCU has reportedly lined up a surprising choice for Green Lantern

The Lanterns TV series may have found its Hal Jordan, and the DCU could be lining up the son of an action movie legend for the iconic role.

Hal Jordan from the Green Lantern comic book

If you’re preparing to play a superhero, it can be pretty handy to have an action movie legend as your father. Patrick Schwarzenegger has that advantage, and he could be putting it to good use if he joins the DCU as Hal Jordan.

There are so many different projects lined up for the DCU that it can be hard to keep track of all the upcoming DC movies and small-screen adventures as part of Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters. Luckily, you’ve got us to keep you in the loop, and we’re hearing exciting speculation around the Lanterns TV series release date.

According to ComicBook.com, Patrick Schwarzenegger could be stepping up from his limited role in the Gen V cast and taking on the mantle of one of the most iconic DC characters, Green Lantern. Take this with a pinch of salt, mind you, as no offer has been made, but DC overlord James Gunn did follow the actor on Instagram!

It’s a leap, but one we’re willing to take. Schwarzenegger is really beginning to establish himself as an actor in his own right by stepping out of his dad’s shadow, and his role in one of the best TV series of the year has clearly caught the attention of some of the big names in the superhero movie game.

Of course, Gunn might simply be doing what we all do on social media: following someone who might be slightly interesting in the hopes that his daily doom scroll is a little more fun. He may also just be broadening his circle and connecting with someone he already has a tenuous link with — Patrick’s sister, Katherine, who is married to Chris Pratt, whom Gunn famously collaborated with as part of the Guardians of the Galaxy cast.

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But let’s indulge ourselves for a moment and think about Schwarzenegger’s suitability for Hal Jordan. He certainly looks the part (see below): it’s not a stretch to place a tall, handsome, muscle-bound, cool guy in the role of DC’s ultimate super-jock. And if we’re being honest, Hal isn’t exactly the most nuanced of characters, so from what we’ve seen of Schwarzenegger’s acting chops in Gen-V, he’d be up to the task.

Patrick Schwarzenegger as Golden Boy in Gen-V

We’ll be watching the Instagram comments section very closely for any emoji-based evidence regarding this casting, but until then, you can stay busy by checking out our guide on how to watch the DC movies in order. There’s also our definitive list of the best DC villains to mull over, and we can start thinking about new movies like Superman Legacy.