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Aquaman DCU spin-offs might not be dead after all

In the midst of a complete DCU overhaul, it turns out there may still be room for underwater adventures following Aquaman 2, after all.

Aquaman DCU Spin-offs might not be dead after all

Just a week out from the long-awaited Aquaman sequel, James Wan has given fans reason to believe there may be more to come from our favorite underwater superhero.

Following the incredible box office success of the DCU‘s first Aquaman movie (at $1.14 billion, it became the highest-grossing movie in the DCEU), fans were quick to assume there were more upcoming DC movies in the tank for Arthur Curry and co. And while some spin-offs were cancelled, it seems there’s hope for future adventures, according to James Wan. Just not in the form we might think.

“We have created such a big world within this bigger world, and the really cool thing, I guess, is that it is just unique to the Aquaman characters,” Wan said [via ComicBook.com]. “Aquaman lives in a world that doesn’t really get affected by all the other stuff that’s happening.”

“I mean, obviously if it’s a worldwide catastrophe that will have global issues with the ocean as well, but within that, we can be inside our own bubble, if you will,” he added.

“And so yeah, there are many stories that you could tell from this world. They don’t have to be movies. They definitely can be their own little shows if you wanted to. Definitely you can do a lot of things.”

When it comes to Aquaman spin-offs, we came very close. There was a new movie in the works titled The Trench, which would have turned the spotlight to the DC villain, Black Manta. This was eventually canceled, and the elements were then incorporated into the plot of Aquaman 2.

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But still, if Wan is suggesting that we could potentially see an Aquaman TV series down the line, that could be cool. It might make a nice change-up and see a chance for the Aquaman world to expand beyond the Gods and Monsters slate, where it currently doesn’t have any upcoming stories.

That doesn’t necessarily mean Jason Momoa will return to the role, though. In fact, rumors suggest he’ll be continuing his DC journey in a different role: Lobo. This is still unconfirmed officially, but, come on, he’s perfect for it!

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