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Aquaman 2 has wrapped filming, Jason Momoa confirms

Jason Momoa has confirmed that Aquaman 2 has wrapped shooting after six months of filming

Jason Momoa in Aquaman 2

Good news, you briny dwellers of the deep, Aquaman 2 has wrapped filming. The King of the Seven Seas himself, Jason Momoa, confirmed the news with an Instagram video where he explained it was the last day of shooting in Hawaii after six months of filming.

So how did Momoa celebrate? With a glass of champagne? A new look at the upcoming adventure movie? Nah, none of that. He spoke passionately about his new sunglasses. To be fair, they are pretty snazzy sunglasses, and they’re made of an eco-friendly plastic that doesn’t harm the environment; Aquaman would be proud.

In a separate Instagram story, Momoa shared a slightly more personal message where he got a bit emotional about filming in his home state. “Aw man, that’s a wrap. That’s a wrap, Aquaman 2,” he said. “I have so much to share with you, I wish I could tell you so much. What an epic day. I love you. So good to have been home to finish this, so many good surprises. Love you and it’s been a long time. I’m taking a break. Aloha.”

We don’t know much about the plot of Aquaman 2 – or Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom to give its proper title – but few tidbits have been revealed. We know that Yahya Abdul-Mateen II’s villainous Black Manta is back for revenge after the events of the first film. He’s not the only old foe returning Patrick Wilson’s Orm will also be back and appears to have been banished to the surface.


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Other than that, though, your guess is as good as ours. In the comics, ‘The Lost Kingdom’ refers to Necrus (which coincidentally was Aquaman 2’s working title) Atalantis’s sister city. For silly comic book reasons, Necrus exists out of phase with our own world, and only appears every few years. It’s possible director James Wan has based the film on this plot, or it may be a clever misdirect.

Aquaman 2 leaps out of the ocean and into cinemas on December 16, 2022. If you like the work of horror movie veteran James Wan check out our guide on how to watch The Conjuring in order, you’ll get a good scare.