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Coraline age rating - is the animated movie appropriate for kids?

Coraline is back in theaters, renewing interest in one of the best animated movies. Let's take a look at the Coraline age rating before you show it to kids.

Coraline age rating - is Coraline appropriate for kids?

What is the Coraline age rating? More than a decade after it first arrived in cinemas and entered our nightmares with its uniquely creepy style, Laika’s Coraline is back at the multiplex for a limited time. Prepare to be spooked all over again.

Coraline is a rare example of one of the best horror movies, in that it’s aimed at being one of the best family movies as well. This is a Neil Gaiman adaptation that isn’t afraid to go dark, but it’s also walking the tightrope of being appropriate for kids to watch. They’re aiming for nightmares, but just the healthy ones.

One of the best animated movies is currently in theaters, and we’ve already told you where to watch Coraline if you fancy revisiting it. But let’s have a look at the Coraline age rating and decide whether you should take your children to see one of Laika’s best movies or not.

What is the Coraline age rating?

Coraline is rated PG in the United States for “thematic elements, scary images, some language and suggestive humor”.

Meanwhile, over in the UK, the BBFC also went with a PG rating. Usefully, it has provided a detailed Coraline case study in which it explained how it came to that rating decision. We can assume that many similar considerations were a factor for the MPAA in the States.

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The BBFC declined to give its U rating – the equivalent of a G in the US – to the movie due to the presence of many horror elements, which came from the sort of places children usually feel safe. For example, some of the scariest parts of the movie revolve around the parental image of the Other Mother.

The BBFC felt this scariness was mitigated by the fact the movie exists in a clearly heightened fantasy setting, as well as the reassuring ending, the comedic tone, and the resourceful nature of the young protagonist.

Coraline age rating - The Other Mother and Other Father

Is Coraline appropriate for kids?

Coraline is definitely on the darker side of movies aimed at a family audience, so you’ll have to make a call on whether your children are mature enough.

It’s worth noting that many of the best kids movies feature scary sequences and this has been the case throughout the history of cinema. We all remember the witch transformation in The Wizard of Oz or the boat scene in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

While nobody wants to traumatize a child, that doesn’t mean young movie lovers shouldn’t get to experience the slightly darker side of big screen storytelling. Just don’t go showing them The Texas Chainsaw Massacre quite yet.

Coraline age rating - Dakota Fanning voices Coraline

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