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Is Cocaine Bear streaming? How to watch the comedy movie

Cocaine Bear is one of the wildest new movies of 2023 and it rampaged bloodily through cinemas. Here's how to stream it on Netflix, Prime Video, and more.

Is Cocaine Bear streaming? Are you sure you can handle Cocaine Bear? You don’t necessarily watch it; you just strap in and feel the chaos. OK, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but this new comedy has taken the world by storm.

Don’t believe us about Cocaine Bear? Well, check our our Cocaine Bear review for more of the pure anarchy presented by one of the best comedy movies of the year. The premise is simple: there’s a big shipment of cocaine and a bear accidentally imbibes it, triggering an unhinged killing spree.

You probably think that’s the recipe for one of the most bizarre new movies in years, and you’d be right. So we’re here to tell you how to watch Cocaine Bear and experience the mayhem for yourself.

Where can I watch Cocaine Bear?

Cocaine Bear is now available to stream via Prime Video and you can also get it on various digital platforms.

That means while you’re sitting here reading this article, you could be watching a bear do cocaine right now. What are you still doing here? Go, go, go!

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Is Cocaine Bear streaming?

Good news, Cocaine Bear is available to stream for Prime Video subscribers. But if you’re not a Prime subscriber, all is not lost. You can also buy/rent the movie on some of the best streaming services, including Google Play, Apple TV, YouTube, and Microsoft.

Is Cocaine Bear on Netflix?

No Cocaine Bear is not available to watch on Netflix. We can’t rule out a Cocaine Bear appearance in the future, though, so we’ll keep our eyes on the catalog. In the meantime, check out everything new on Netflix this month.

How to watch Cocaine Bear

Is Cocaine Bear on Disney Plus?

No, Cocaine Bear isn’t on Disney Plus. As it’s not a Disney production, we wouldn’t expect it to be added either. aHowever, you can feast your eyes on another great cinematic bear thanks to Baloo in one of the best Disney movies, The Jungle Book.

Is Cocaine Bear on Prime Video?

Yes, you can stream Cocaine Bear via Prime Video right now in the USA. So what are you waiting for? Go and watch all of the blood-soaked, powder-soaked carnage.

Is Cocaine Bear on Blu-ray?

Cocaine Bear is available on Blu-ray, in something called the “Maximum Rampage Edition”. Promises, promises. That has to be worth picking up and adding to your collection, right?

How to watch Cocaine Bear

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