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Chucky TV series season 1 finale finally explains why the doll is so strong

Have you ever wondered why Chucky is so inhumanly strong? Well, the Chucky TV series might have finally answered that question

Chucky TV series explains doll's strength

It’s a question that’s bothered horror movie fans for years: why is Chucky so deadly? He’s not a full-grown man with inhuman strength like Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees, nor is he powered by dream demons like Freddy Kreuger. So why do full-grown adults struggle so much against what’s basically a tiny doll?

Well, the season finale of the Chucky TV series has finally explained why the possessed plaything causes such trouble for his unfortunate victims. During a struggle with the show’s protagonist, Jake (Zackary Arthur), the doll gets the best of our teen hero knocking him to the ground. Bewildered by the toy’s inhuman strength Chucky taunts Jake by asking: “You’re thinking ‘how could a little doll possibly be so strong?'”

When Jake hilariously replies saying it doesn’t make any sense, Chucky lets him in on his secret. Chucky believes isn’t just an ordinary serial killer, he believes he’s a vessel for Damballa – the being who Chucky beseeched to transfer his soul into the doll – and it’s this that gives him his extraordinary strength despite being a two-foot tall doll.

While nothing’s confirmed in the episode, we know magic exists in the Chucky-verse so who’s to say the homicidal doll’s wrong? Maybe he really is the vessel for an unknowable voodoo god? Not that it helped in the end against Jake.

The teen was eventually able to overpower Chucky strangling the doll to death and putting his rampage to an end. Or so it seemed because we all know evil never really dies and Chucky will return for a second season.

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