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Borderlands movie’s Atlas is the “most powerful character in the universe” says Edgar Ramírez

Edgar Ramírez teases his role

A psycho in Borderlands standing a desert region of Pandroa, in front of an old disused store billboard

We’re inching ever close to the Borderlands movie, and one of the stars has told us a little about what we can expect. Edgar Ramírez, who’s playing Atlas in the science fiction movie, isn’t shy about the role his character plays.

“He’s the most powerful character in the universe,” Ramírez told us during an interview for Disney Jungle Cruise. “He has a lot of fun, and I hope you have a lot of fun watching.” Short and to the point, that’s all the actor could tell us for now, but it’s interesting. In the Borderlands RPG games, Atlas is a faceless arms manufacturer that supplies weapons, ships, and just about anything else a space-farer needs.

The corporation largely controls Pandora at the start of the games, having won an protracted war against its corporate rivals. In Borderlands 3, the character Rhys becomes the owner by defeating Handsome Jack, an AI that held the deeds to Atlas. The Borderlands movie will not only be the first time we meet Atlas, it’s the first time the franchise is acknowledging a company namesake whatsoever.

The Borderlands film adaptation is directed by Eli Roth, and production only wrapped in June. Some character profiles were shared on social media, giving us outlines of Kevin Hart’s Roland, Cate Blanchett’s Lillith, and more.

No hints or suggestions as to what Ramírez will look like as Atlas, and given the mystery, we might have to wait until we see the action movie to find out. Right now, there’s no release date, but we’re keeping our eyes and ear open.

You can catch Ramírez alongside Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt in the Disney movie Jungle Cruise, which opens in theatres July 30.