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Will there be a Black Knight season 2?

Here's everything we know about the status of Black Knight season 2, after the breakout success of the new Korean Netflix drama series. We're feeling positive.

Black Knight season 2 release date

Will there be a Black Knight season 2? Here’s everything we know about the potential for a second season of the latest South Korean Netflix hit.

Black Knight has arrived on Netflix and, boy: it’s pretty amazing. Already one of the best Netflix series of the year, it stars Kim Woo-bin as the lead character, playing an elite delivery driver tasked with transporting vital supplies across the Korean peninsula. Set it the dystopian future of 2071 and taking inspiration from some of the best science fiction movies, the series is an electric thriller and it’s all available on the streaming service right now. But will there be a Black Knight season 2?

Will there be a Black Knight season 2?

Black Knight season 2 has not been announced, however with the immediate success of the first season its extremely likely that a renewal for more of the show is just around the corner.

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Other recent Netflix hits like The Diplomat and The Night Agent were renewed for their second seasons quickly after their debut on Neflix. If Black Knight is able to rack up similar viewing figures for the streamer, then its future is going to be looking very bright (unlike the future of 2071).

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