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It’s an important day for the most underrated Back to the Future movie

The Back to the Future trilogy features three great movies, but one of them is sadly underrated. It's celebrating a special day today, so let's revisit it.

It's a special day in Back to the Future history

The time travel joy of the Back to the Future movies is as deeply pure a sense of fun as cinema has ever produced. The Back to the Future franchise stands as one of the most impressive trilogies ever made, with the original adventure among the best movies of all time and its sequels bringing their own qualities.

Back to the Future Part III, released in 1990, stands as one of the more underrated movies of all time. It’s right up there alongside the first film among the best time travel movies, taking Marty McFly and Doc Brown back to the 19th century. There are cowboy hats aplenty, of course.

Today is a great opportunity to celebrate the third Back to the Future outing as September 2 is the date Marty travels back to in 1885 as he attempts to bring Doc back… to the future. Obviously.

There’s a real bravery to Back to the Future Part III, which has the courage to reinvent not only the setting but the characters as well. We see Doc Brown genuinely fall in love with schoolteacher Clara (Mary Steenburgen), while struggling with the fact that there’s a gravestone bearing his name as a warning of his imminent death.

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Back to the Future always sat among the best comedy movies, but the third installment adds even more emotional and character depth to proceedings. That’s not to mention the great costumes, of course.

We’d recommend that you use the occasion of this aniversary to revisit the third Back to the Future adventure, in which Robert Zemeckis pays homage to the best Westerns while also delivering time-hopping thrills and big laughs. See if you can spot the Clint Eastwood reference in Back to the Future 3 while you’re at it.

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