American Horror Story season 11 release date speculation, and more

Ryan Murphy is coming back screaming. Here is everything we know about the American Horror story season 11 release date, trailer, cast, and more

American Horror Story season 11 release date: Sarah Paulson in American Horror Story

What is the American Horror Story season 11 release date? For ten years and ten seasons, American Horror Story has been the go-to scary pick for any spooky TV lover. Created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, the long-running anthology TV series gives us a new story and theme with each instalment. So it makes sense that people are dying to know what is next for the ‘scaretacular’ show.

As we said above, each new season of American Horror Story promises a fresh plot and creepy theme to go along with it. In season 10, Double Feature, which was split into two parts, fans were gifted with black pills and sinister alien antics. Although reception for season 10 was generally mixed among the AHS fandom, only holding an audience score of 58% on Rotten Tomatoes, it did leave all of us horror fans itching for more and eagerly waiting for Murphy’s next attempt.

In anticipation of the newest, and no doubt nightmare-inducing, chapter we have braved the depths of the haunting show to bring you the inside scoop. From the American Horror Story season 11 release date, cast, trailer, and more – here is everything we know about what is next for this frightening series.

American Horror Story season 11 release date speculation

American Horror Story season 11 will premiere in autumn 2022. Unfortunately we can’t get any more specific than that, but have no fear because we have a pretty solid guess on when the next chapter will hit our small screens.

The production timeline of American Horror Story has always been pretty consistent, with new seasons dropping around October and September each year since the series was first released back in 2011. Season 9 was the only time we saw a break in this pattern, thanks to production delays caused by Covid-19.

As a result, we missed a whole year of American Horror Story action, as season ten was only released in 2021. But considering that Lockdown restrictions are no longer in place and measures surrounding the ongoing global pandemic have been integrated into filming practice, American Horror Story’s typical scheduling is back on track.

With this in mind, and with the fact that we are currently in autumn, we are hoping for an American Horror Story season 11 release date October 2022.

American Horror Story season 11 release date: an alien autopsy

American Horror Story season 11 trailer Speculation

As of September 2022, there is still no American Horror Story season 11 trailer. The wait for one shouldn’t be long off, though, and it should coincide with the announcement of the release date for the next season of the long-running horror series.

We will keep you posted as soon as any videos or first look teasers come our way. In the meantime, you can watch all of the prior American Horror Story seasons over on Disney Plus!

American Horror Story season 11 release date: a nun walking through an asylum

American Horror Story season 11 plot speculation

Currently, Murphy is keeping his plans for the American Horror Story season 11 plot tightly under wraps. Like its predecessors, the new season will follow a new story and theme. Since American Horror Story is an anthology series, it is safe to say that the upcoming instalment will be focused on a setting that we haven’t seen explored before in the series.

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So far, we have seen ghosts, witches, freak shows, and more in the American Horror Story franchise. Season 10 of the series was all about the aliens, so we can confidently strike any extra-terrestrials off the cards. Despite the vast array of potential subjects for the new season, we aren’t entirely in the dark on the season 11 theme front. In a now-deleted Twitter poll, Murphy did ask fans what they would like to see in the franchise.

American Horror Story season 11 release date: a vampire holding the body of an alien

The poll included Christmas Horror, Bloody Mary, Piggy Man, Sirens, and Plague as potential storylines to be explored. Before the winner was revealed, Murphy deleted the post, but not before all of us keen-eyed fans spotted that Bloody Mary and Sirens were firmly in the lead.

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Now we must clarify that this poll didn’t explicitly specify that it was for American Horror Story season 11. The options in the poll could relate to the Hulu spin-off series American Horror Stories instead.

But if it were in connection with the upcoming American Horror Story season, it would be the first time fans have had a direct hand in the show’s creation – which is pretty darn cool.

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Bloody Mary is an urban legend of a deadly ghost who can be summoned if you say her name three times in a mirror. Sirens, on the other hand, are monsters who, in Greek mythology, would lure sailors to their watery death with their enchanting voices.

Either theme would make for a fantastic American Horror Story season, so fingers crossed that the deleted poll actually influences the series’ development.

American Horror Story season 11 release date: a monster with a bee on its nose

So as you can see, it is all a bit up in the air at the moment regarding the future season’s plot, I am afraid. However, we do definitely know that the American Horror Story season 11 will be one complete story. Unlike season 10, which was divided up into two separate parts.

John Landgraf explained to The Wrap that the series is going back to its old format of storytelling, which involves a single narrative that jumps in-between flashbacks and the present day. “What I can tell you is that the concept of season 11 is one story,” he said. “It actually takes place in different timelines, but it’s one subject, one story, with a beginning, middle, and an end, like many of the prior stories.”

American Horror Story season 11 release date: the cast of American Horror Story season 9

American Horror Story season 11 cast

We have some good news and some bad news when it comes to the American Horror Story season 11 cast, gang. The good news is that there may be some familiar faces popping up. The bad news is that a handful of fan favourite stars won’t be making an appearance this time around.

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Peter Evans and Jessica Lange will probably not show their faces in the upcoming season (heartbreaking, we know). Both haven’t been season regulars for quite some time now, with Lange only coming back for a brief appearance in season 8 – Apocalypse.

Another cast member who may not be returning into the American Horror swing of things is Sarah Paulson. Despite being a regular for ten seasons, she told What Happens Live the following:

“It’s the first time in about three years where I don’t know. I think this is my last season of Horror Story, probably. I mean, I don’t know. Every time [Murphy] comes to me with some whack-a-doodle-stoodle character, I tend to be like, ‘Yes! Let’s do it!’ But I don’t know.”

American Horror Story season 11 release date: Sarah Paulson in Freak Show

It is a sad day for long-time American Horror Story fans, we know. But luckily, another favourite fan actor may be returning to fill out the hole left behind by her past co-stars.

Taissa Farmiga, a main character in seasons 1 and 3 of American Horror Story, told Digital Spy that she is game to make a comeback to the series.

“It’s like a timing thing. I know there were talks previously, but then I was filming on this, and Covid, and the travelling and all these protocols,” she explained. “So, yeah, I can never say no if it’s the right time and the right opportunity. And it’s like, sure, the idea of a cameo is fun, because we get to go in and meet up and be like, ‘Hey, it’s me.'”

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Newer American Horror Story regulars will probably return too. Billie Lourd, Leslie Grossman, and Cody Fern, although not fully confirmed just yet, will likely be up to bat for season 11.

But, again, there is more bad news. Finn Wittrock may not be in American Horror story season 11 due to the fact that he has been cast in the titular role of HBO’s upcoming Green Lantern series.

American Horror Story season 11 release date: Finn Wittrock in a clown mask

Fingers crossed that he can work out his scheduling to cater to both shows. We will keep you posted as soon as we know the cast list for American Horror Story season 11.

And that is everything we know about American Horror Story season 11! For more TV content, here are our guides to Shadow and Bone season 2, and Squid Game season 2.