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The Rig season 2 release date speculation, cast, plot, and news

The supernatural thriller series took Amazon Prime Video subscribers by storm, so here's what's up next for Kinloch Bravo and The Rig season 2 release date.

Martin Compston as Fulmer, Iain Glen as Magnus, Emily Hampshire as Rose in The Rig

What is The Rig season 2 release date? Fans of the dramatic supernatural TV series will be pleased to hear a second season has been confirmed.

One of the best thriller series of 2022, the mysterious The Rig story follows an ensemble cast on a Scottish oil rig. When an unexplained fog covers them and supernatural forces take hold, things go awry.

The Amazon Prime series from creator David Macpherson reportedly did well for the streaming service, and subsequently, we’ll be visiting the Kinloch Bravo team again. But what’s The Rig season 2 release date?

The Rig season 2 release date speculation

The TV series has just commenced shooting on its second season, so we’re looking ahead to a 2024 release date most likely.

Emily Hampshire, who plays Rose, confirmed [via Digital Spy] that filming on season 2 had already begun in June 2023.

Considering all the production work still to be done, we likely won’t get a season 2 until mid 2024. Time to rewatch season 1, then.

The Rig season 2 release date: Martin Compston as Fulmer in The Rig

Who is in The Rig season 2 cast?

The main players from season 1 are confirmed for The Rig season 2 cast, including Martin Compston and Iain Glen.

With the way season 1 ended, fates on the mainland hang in the balance, but the crew on the rig all survived the events of the finale.

The Rig season 2 cast list:

  • Iain Glen as Magnus MacMillan
  • Martin Compston as Fulmer Hamilton
  • Emily Hampshire as Rose Mason
  • Rochenda Sandall as Cat Braithwaite
  • Owen Teale as Lars Hutton
  • Mark Addy as David Coake
  • Molly Vevers as Heather Shaw
  • Abraham Popoola as Easter Ayodeji
  • Stuart McQuarrie as Colin Murchison

The Rig season 2 release date: Mark Bonnar as Alwyn Evans

What is The Rig season 2 about?

Prime Video revealed the Kinloch Bravo team will be taken to a new location and encounter new dangers in The Rig season 2 plot.

The Kinloch Bravo crew will be reeling from the fallout of season 1, but they’ll also be faced with “swirling conspiracies, conflicts, and new threats from the dark depths of the world’s oceans it has unleashed,” according to Prime Video. “Helicopters have taken the surviving crew of the Kinloch Bravo to a bold new location, where new dangers await them.”

“The crew will have to deal with the emotional and physical fallout of the epic series 1 finale and contend with swirling conspiracies, conflicts, and new threats from the dark depths of the world’s oceans it has unleashed.”

The upcoming season will compound on season 1’s exploration of Earth’s future, said series creator David Macpherson, “I’m looking forward to expanding the world of our show through the eyes of our excellent cast as we deliver more shocks and thrills and delve deeper into both our characters’ and our show’s expanding original mythology.”

The Rig season 2 release date: Martin Compston as Fulmer

Is there a The Rig season 2 trailer?

There’s no season 2 trailer because season 2 hasn’t completed production yet, but we think one will drop in early 2024.

The Rig season 2 is due to film season 2 in Scotland later in 2023, so it will be some time before we get a season 2 trailer.

In the meantime, revisit an epic Fulmer scene from season 1 below.

YouTube Thumbnail

Where can I watch The Rig season 2?

You can watch The Rig season 2 on Amazon Prime Video in the U.S. and the UK.

The Rig’s home is Amazon Prime, which you can sign up to in order to catch the upcoming season. You’ll need a membership to stream it.

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The Rig season 2 release date: Emily Hampshire as Rose

How many episodes of The Rig season 2 will there be?

There’s not an official episode count for The Rig season 2 yet, but we imagine it will be around six to eight.

Considering season 1 of the drama series had six episodes and a second season was greenlit, it makes sense that the next season will contain six or more episodes. Due to various factors, we don’t foresee it getting a huge bump in terms of how many episodes Amazon will order, but somewhere in the range of six to eight is a healthy bet.

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