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Are the ghosts real in A Haunting in Venice?

A Haunting in Venice sees the great detective Poirot go up against otherworldly forces as he tries to catch a dangerous killer, but were the ghosts real?

Are the ghiosts real in a Haunting in Venice?

Are the ghosts real in A Haunting in Venice? After tackling a murder on the Orient Express and a death on the Nile, Kenneth Branagh’s Poirot is back for a new adventure, and this one will test the great detective to his limits.

A Haunting in Venice sees Poirot trying to solve a murder at a seance, as the great detective tries to catch the killer, though he comes to question everything he believes about this world and the next. While it’s not going to go on anyone’s list of the best movies, we had a lot of fun with the ghost movie, but we do have one question.

Were the ghosts in A Haunting in Venice real? Well, like Poirot, we’ve done a thorough investigation to get to the bottom of this pernicious question. Warning spoilers ahead!

Are the ghosts real in A Haunting in Venice?

A Haunting In Venice leaves the existence of ghosts ambiguous. Through the film, Poirot sees and hears a number of things that could be described as supernatural, but as he’d been drugged with poisonous honey, he dismisses the strange things he sees as just hallucinations.

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That said, when Poirot confronts the killer, Maxime Gerard, on top of her palazzo, we see the spirit of Alicia Drake drag her mother off the roof. Was Poirot still trippin’ balls, or did the ghostly girl return to this mortal plane to take her revenge? We suppose ultimately it’s up to interpretation, but we choose to believe that the ghosts were real!

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