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65 ending explained

65 sees Mills (Adam Driver) and Koa (Ariana Greenblatt) crash land on Earth when dinosaurs ruled the planet but how will they survive?

65 ending explained; Mills (Adam Driver)

What happens at the end of 65? Warning spoilers ahead! Adam Driver’s latest movie 65 sees the Star Wars alum deal with a problem far deadlier than Jedi; he’s got to protect a little girl from hungry dinosaurs who’d like nothing more than to gobble her up.

The action movie begins with Mills (Driver) saying goodbye to his family before he leaves on a two-year mission in deep space. Unfortunately, Mills should never have taken the job because while he’s out in space, his ship’s hit by an asteroid, forcing it to crash land on Earth 65 million years ago (hence the name).

As Mills tries to get his bearings, he quickly realises he’s not alone in this alien world. There are colossal carnivorous monsters (dinosaurs to you and me). Thankfully there’s another survivor, too. Koa (Ariana Greenblatt),  a young girl who survived the crash landing, gives him the will to carry on. Can they make it to safety and escape the planet? Well, you can either read ahead or go and watch the science fiction movie yourself (we recommend the second. Check out our 65 review if you don’t believe us) or if you want, you can read our 65 ending explained.

65 ending explained

Still with us? OK, well, don’t say we didn’t warn you. After travelling 15 kilometres or so on foot, battling dinosaurs along the way, Mills and Koa finally make it to the escape pod. There are just two small problems. The first is that the asteroid that wipes out the dinosaurs is about to hit the planet, and smaller meteors have already started hitting Earth.

The second is that at the start of the monster movie, Mills tells Koa her family would be there waiting for her, and they’re not… because they’re dead. After finding this out, Koa’s understandably a little upset about the whole thing, so Mills confesses something else to her.

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His daughter, the reason he took the job in space, died soon after he left, making his decision to journey into space for money ultimately pointless. It’s only through meeting Koa that Mills has found something to fight for again, and of course, after hearing this, the young girl comes around.

As they jump in their spacecraft, though, disaster strikes (literally) when a meteor smacks into the ship flipping the escape pod on its head. As the injured Koa and Mills try to get their bearings, two enormous dinosaurs slink out of the darkness and start attacking the pod.

65 ending explained: Koa and Mills hide from a large dinosaur

To stop the creatures from destroying the pod, Mills gets out of the craft and fights off the beasts. It’s a close thing but with some help from his… gun… Mills manages to fight off the dinos. Unfortunately, their problems don’t end there. An even bigger dinosaur, which had previously attacked Koa and Mills earlier in the film, emerges for revenge.

As the dino attacks, it knocks the escape pod the right way up, but Mills refuses to get back in and instead chooses to lead the dinosaur away from Koa so she can escape. As the dinosaur chases Mills, he decides to lure it to a nearby geyser and use the hot water to kill the creature.

A huge dinosaur approaches Mills (Adam Driver) in 65

Unfortunately, the monster’s too tough to be killed by the scalding water, and it soon has Mills at its mercy. As the creature comes in for the kill, Koa suddenly arrives and stabs the dinosaur in the eye.

As it lurches back in pain, it’s blasted by the geyser again, which finally kills the beast. In the final moments of the movie, Koa and Mills escape just as the asteroid collides with the Earth, wiping out all life on the planet.

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