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Netflix’s new Western sounds a lot like Yellowstone

Yellowstone may be coming to an end after season 5 part 2, but streaming service Netflix has unveiled a Western drama series of its own.


If you’ve already seen Yellowstone and its copious spin-off series, you might be feeling a little deprived of cowboys.

So, Netflix’s own version of Yellowstone couldn’t have come at a better time. Entitled Ransom Canyon, the ten-part drama series, which is based on the novel of the same, “charts intersecting lives of three ranching families, all set against the rugged expanse of Texas Hill Country.”

Staten Kirkland, who is set to be played by Josh Duhamel is described as the “steadfast and stoic” owner of Double K ranch. In other words, Staten is basically the Netflix series equivalent to John Dutton.

Meanwhile, Minka Kelly is set to play the character of Quinn, a former concert pianist who returns to Ransom Canyon with plenty of “baggage” of her own. So, essentially, she’s like Beth Dutton if Beth could play the piano.

If season 1 of Ransom Canyon goes well, the show probably has the potential to be a multi-season venture. There are several books in the Ransom Canyon novel series, so when it comes to adapting subsequent seasons of the series, the hard work has already been done.

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