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Yellowjackets fans might regret their tattoos, creator warns

It may be time to hold off on the ink, folks. Yellowjackets creators have hinted that this symbol from the hit TV series, may not be the best thing to tattoo.

Yellowjackets fans might regret their tattoos, creator warns

Getting tattoos of your favourite TV series or to honour the best movies of all time isn’t a new phenomenon. However, Yellowjackets fans may want to hold off on the ink, honouring Paramount’s hit horror series, until some key mysteries are revealed.

Since the first season of Yellowjackets, there has been a strange symbol haunting both the past and present lives of the central survivors. Of course, we are talking about the ominous icon, which resembles a human figure with a line through it and a hook underneath (you know, the one).

While fan theories have run wild with the meaning behind the symbol, we still don’t have any firm answers as to what it actually means – and now the show’s creators are hinting that it is for that reason that fans should be wary about etching it onto their skin.

During a red carpet event for the hit thriller series, Kirsten Acuna from Insider showed the co-showrunners and executive producers Jonathan Lisco, Ashley Lyle, and Bart Nickerson a drawing of the symbol on her hand. The team couldn’t divulge any information on the meaning behind the symbol yet but did say how they were nervous that other fans were getting real-life tattoos of the symbol.

Lisco joked that he was “actually very nervous” about seeing a drawing of the symbol at the event, but he teased that he couldn’t disclose the reason. On the other hand, Lyle directly addressed tattoos of the icon, saying: “I’m like, ‘You don’t know what that means. That is a dangerous game to play.”

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Previous fan theories about the mystery symbol have contemplated that it is to ward off evil spirits or used as a map signifier. However, judging from the creators’ reaction, we are willing to bet that the seemingly harmless figure is much darker and may even be a curse…definitely not something you’d want permanently on your body for sure.

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