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Virgin River fans are totally undecided about season 5’s cliffhanger

A debate has erupted on Reddit over the identity of a mysterious figure who will be important to Mel in Virgin season 5 part 2, and you should get involved!

Virgin River season 5

Spoilers ahead! Ever since Virgin River reached its mid-season finale, with a shocking cliffhanger, fans have been divided over the identity of Mel’s father. We know that he is a Virgin River resident, which means that speculation has gone into overdrive.

Reddit user FrostyPlantain4265 has posted their Virgin River theory, which is; “Doc is Mel’s dad. Jack and Mel get married. They adopt Lizzy’s baby and Denny goes back to college.” Doc certainly seems to be the odds-on favorite for Mel’s Dad, but plenty of other suggestions have been made.

Another prediction is; “Buck is Mel’s dad. Jack and Mel get married. They adopt her half sister Chloe. And Lizzie and Denny go to college.” Another one is; “Maybe Calvin is Mel’s dad and now Mel will be stepsister, instead of stepmother, to the twins.” Another suggestion is; “I think Mel’s Dad will be someone like Buck or Doc (although Herb deserves an honorable mention!)” And another theory is; “I don’t think Doc is Mel’s father since they already did the unknown child story with him. Would love for it to be Buck, but afraid it’s Charlie since he came up so close to the end of the season.” Someone else suggests; “Bert is Mel’s dad.”

So, while Doc seems the most obvious choice – other suggestions include; Buck, Bert, Calvin, Charlie, and Herb. Every white male of the right age who resides in the Virgin River cast is a suspect! For some reason, everyone also seems obsessed with Jack and Mel adopting Lizzy’s baby.

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Clearly the investigation into who Mel’s father is will be the primary focus once Virgin River season 5 part 2 begins airing at the end of November. Everything will lead up to some kind of Christmas show-down, we’re guessing.

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