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Virgin River creator’s new drama series gets exciting update

Virgin River's creator has a brand new drama series in 2023, and it even has a connection to the hit Netflix series, as well as stars from shows you know.

Mel and Jack in Virgin River

Virgin River‘s author Robyn Carr has found her stories again back on TV after one successful adaptation — one of the best Netflix series, if you’re to believe Virgin River‘s stratospheric ratings.

The romantic drama series landed on Netflix years ago, and is going into its fifth season with the Virgin River cast, who are surely too pleased by the success to ask questions about what’s propelling it (hint: an underserved middle-aged female demographic).

Alongside the Virgin River season 5 release date, fans have more to look forward to with a brand new TV series, which just got an exciting update.

The CW has acquired Sullivan’s Crossing, a series in the same vein that’s based on novels by Carr. It’s produced by Roma Roth, who also serves as an executive producer on Virgin River, and began its run in March 2023.

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The series will continue its run on its new home network in the fall. If you’re a fan of 2000s TV, you’ll be pleased to hear Sullivan’s Crossing’s cast includes One Tree Hill’s Chad Michael Murray and Gilmore Girl‘s favourite moody diner owner, Scott Paterson.

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