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Venom 3 needs to bring us his most awesome power from the comics

We're really excited to see Tom Hardy get weird again with Venom 3, but we want him to wield a particularly special power this time around.

Venom 3 needs to give us an awesome power from Marvel Comics

I’m absolutely thrilled to hear that Venom 3 is back in production. Film critics as a whole might not have much time for this franchise, but I’m fully on board for more of Tom Hardy doing silly voices and eating people. And top of my wish list for the threequel is something simple, but special: I want Venom to get his wings.

Venom is pretty cool and powerful already and, if you like your comic book adaptations to be silly and over-cranked, these are some of the best superhero movies around. So the natural next step is, of course, that new movies should adapt the ‘King in Black’ comic book arc and give Eddie Brock some bloody great, flapping wings. Not many upcoming Marvel movies can match up to that.

‘King in Black’ is a relatively new story, published in 2020 and into 2021 by Marvel, making it the perfect fresh inspiration ahead of the Venom 3 release date. The story follows an invasion of Earth by one of the most powerful Marvel villains – alien deity Knull – and Venom’s time helping the Avengers to fight off the terrifying foe.

To cut a long story short, Venom becomes the new God of the Symbiotes during the story. That title comes with some enormous wings that would put even the most impressive Game of Thrones dragons to shame. In fact, by the end of the story, the symbiotes were free from Knull’s control and they could all sprout wings.

The King in Black arc of Marvel Comics saw Venom sprout wings

We won’t lie to you. Our primary reason for wanting this to happen is simply that it looks really cool. We’ve really seen some fun symbiote action in the two Venom movies to date, but we really think that Venom’s wings could up the ante even further and give us the character’s best movies ever.

It would also be a nice nod to the recent videogame world as well, as Venom in Spider-Man 2 on PS5 has the wings during the final boss fight. Given the mammoth success of that game, it would make a lot of sense to pay homage to it on the big screen.

Venom has the sort of freedom that many superhero movies just don’t have any more. It’s not tied into any wider continuity – sorry, but the various Spider-Man villains over at Sony just don’t count – and so it can let its freak flag fly. And what better way to fly than with massive wings?

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