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Twilight creator has one piece of advice for the TV series

Catherine Hardwicke, who directed the first Twilight movie, has some advice for whoever makes the Twilight TV series and it involves chemistry.


A television series based on the popular Twilight series of books and movies is in development, and we don’t yet know very much about what it will be like. Fans are currently feeling mostly trepidatious, but one thing a TV series can do is adapt books in way more detail than movies. So, it seems early to write the Twilight TV series off entirely.

One person who is excited for the series is Catherine Hardwicke, who directed the first movie in the teen movie franchise back in 2008. Speaking to MovieWeb, she said; “I think it’s exciting. I think we see that it’s an enduring story that people keep engaging with, you know, the TikTok world loves it, the internet generations, everybody keeps finding it. I was talking to a girl the other day, she was born the year we made the first Twilight film, and she was very passionate about it.”

We don’t yet know who will be in the Twilight cast for the series, but it’s unlikely there will be much crossover from the movies. The TV series could go in a more interesting direction and tell stories that delve into histories or side characters, rather than just retread the same material as the films.

As for advice Hardwicke would have for this making the Twilight TV series, she says; “So I think, if anything, in the first one, we were able to keep it a little bit more grounded, just a little bit. You felt like there was some kind of reality to it, and you really felt the connection between Bella and Edward. So that might be a fun way to think about it, but also the chemistry between Edward and Bella is so important.”

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Hardwicke says that the chemistry reads between Stewart and Pattinson for the fantasy movies took place at her house and that they ‘really played around with it to make sure the sparks were there.’ “So I’m sure they’re [the people making the TV series] going to do all that cool stuff, too. I’m excited for it.”

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