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New Lightyear trailer has landed, and we now love his creepy cat

Lightyear is the Toy Story prequel movie we didn't know we needed, and a new trailer has just landed for the Disney Pixar animated movie

A new Lightyear trailer has landed

Just when you think you know the vast lore of Toy Story inside out, Disney goes and drops Lightyear on us, the prequel story we didn’t know we needed. The latest collaboration between Disney and Pixar tells the story of the real Buzz Lightyear, in an animated movie that promises to go to infinity and beyond, if the new trailer is anything to go by.

The cartoon sci-fi movie features the vocal talents of none other than MCU star Chris Evans, who plays Captain America in the Marvel movies. Evans will voice the titular space ranger in Lightyear, as we learn more about the man behind the merch. You see, Buzz is much more than just a toy, he’s a real boy!

The new Lightyear trailer shows us a lot more than previous teasers, as we see Buzz head into deep space, where he crash lands and meets some new comrades. We also get to know his feline friend, Sox a little better, and it’s safe to say we have a new favourite animated sidekick.

In the trailer, Buzz is given a four minute window to leave Earth, but he must return. Unfortunately, something goes wrong, and he soon finds himself stranded on a mysterious planet which is inhabited by killer robots.

Thankfully, he finds an ally there, in the form of Izzy, the granddaughter of his space ranger friend, Hawthorne. The problem is, he has transported 62 years into the future, so everything and everyone he knew back on Earth are pretty much gone.

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His buddy Sox is an unusual little animatronic cat, and this trailer gives us a much better insight as to the partnership between him and Buzz. The deadpan tone of voice, and very literal assessment of their dire situation is sure to deliver laughs, and reminds us a little bit of the Star Wars droid K-2SO from Rogue One.

Lightyear will crash land in cinemas on June 17, 2022.