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Kenny Loggins re-recorded ‘Danger Zone’ for Top Gun 2

Kenny Loggins re-recorded his iconic track 'Danger Zone' for Top Gun: Maverick, but they ended up using the original version anyway

Top Gun: Maverick

Kenny Loggins re-recorded his iconic track ‘Danger Zone’ for the Top Gun: Maverick soundtrack…but they ended up using the original version anyway. Director Joseph Kosinski wanted to recreate Top Gun’s iconic opening as closely as possible, so the audience knew that “this is going to be a Top Gun movie.”

Loggins told EW; “I did re-record ‘Danger Zone’ to make a 5.0 version that would wrap around the audience. But Tom Cruise really wanted to conjure up the original version, the original feeling. So in the long run, it turned out to be the old track coming back.”

Kosinski said; “I wanted that first few minutes to just tell you, this is a Top Gun movie, we love it as much you do. From there, our story goes in a very different direction, but I wanted the first few minutes to let the audience know: Don’t worry, we love it too, this is going to be a Top Gun movie.”

Loggins added; “When I met Tom Cruise on Jimmy Kimmel Live! about six years ago, I knew he had the property at that point. I said, ‘So, tell me, is ‘Danger Zone’ in or out?’ And he said, ‘It wouldn’t be Top Gun without ‘Danger Zone.'”

Loggins concluded; “He stayed true to his word. When we first talked about it, they were thinking it might go in a scene in the middle of the movie or somewhere near the end where he comes to the rescue. Instead, Tom opted to use it at the beginning of the movie so that it really conjures up the energy and excitement of the original Top Gun.”

Harold Faltermeyer, who composed the original Top Gun Anthem, also returned for Top Gun: Maverick, alongside Hans Zimmer, Johnny Marr, Lady Gaga, and Lorne Balfe in a supervisory role.

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