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Leonardo DiCaprio falls in love with cat in adorable fan made Titanic trailer

We knew Leonardo Di Caprio was part of the Pussy Posse but a fan edit of the hit romance movie Titanic has taken that to a new level

Leonardo Di Caprio falls in love with a cat in Titanic

We knew Leonardo DiCaprio was part of the Pussy Posse, but a fan edit of the hit romance movie Titanic has taken that to a new level. The video made by OwlKitty swaps out boring old Kate Winslet for a gorgeous black cat.

Don’t worry, action movie fans, the recut trailer doesn’t spare DiCaprio and his new feline friend from the film’s more thrilling moments. We see the pair react to the freezing waters of the Atlantic flooding the ship, but this teaser isn’t about the looming threat of a literal giant iceberg; it’s a celebration of life.

As such, we see the friends dancing together in the third class compartment, watching the dolphins, and even recreating the iconic “King of the World” moment. The cat even poses for a drawing just like Winslet, although he keeps his coat on. If you’re wondering where Rose is while Jack’s off with his new mate, don’t worry; we get to see her at the end, and she doesn’t seem too happy with him.

We’re not sure how James Cameron would react to the recut, although we don’t imagine he’d be thrilled. Thankfully, he’s busy making Avatar 2, so he probably doesn’t have time to scroll through Twitter and watch cat videos – more fool him.

If you want to see what Cameron’s been working on, his science fiction movie is set for release around Christmas on December 22 this year.