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The White Lotus season 3 not bringing back one of the best characters

While we impatiently wait for a The White Lotus season 3 release date and cast list, one of the TV series' stars has confirmed they won't be coming back.

Aubrey Plaza in season 2 of The White Lotus

The White Lotus proved in its sexy and salacious season 2 that it’s willing to bring back characters from previous outings, with Tanya (Jennifer Coolidge) from The White Lotus season 1 making another appearance in one of the best TV series from HBO.

While showrunner Mike White brought Coolidge back for another go as the tragic yet oddly endearing character, don’t expect to see it happen for others, at least not yet.

In fact, one of The White Lotus cast members from the original season has confirmed they won’t be coming back to the best 2022 TV series, even if they want to.

Connie Britton, who was Nicole in season 1, will not be returning for the Thailand-set season 3, a spokesperson confirmed to TVLine. Previous rumours had thrown around the idea of Nicole returning alongside Abby (Laura Dern), Dom’s estranged wife, who we only heard over the phone in season 2. The idea was they would turn out to be sisters.

It wasn’t meant to be, with the spokesperson confirming, “She would love to do another season of The White Lotus at some point, but she is not participating in the upcoming season.”

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This potentially leaves a spot open for someone else… Everyone wants cast in The White Lotus season 3, but here’s who should be.

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