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Meadow and AJ Soprano reunite in Super Bowl commercial

The Sopranos fans got a real treat during the Super Bowl as popular characters AJ and Meadow reunited for a commercial — will this pave the way for more?

sopranos superbowl ad

As always, the Super Bowl commercials were rich with beloved TV series and movie reunions, from Jim Carrey reprising his role from comedy movie The Cable Guy to Mike Myers returning as Dr. Evil from spy movie parody Austin Powers. Some commercials were released in advance, but the new Chevrolet Silverado commercial took everyone by surprise as it featured a surprise Sopranos reunion.

Unveiling its highly anticipated ad, Chevrolet advertised its All-Electric Chevy Silverado by remaking the iconic TV show’s opening credits. While Tony Soprano himself (obviously) didn’t make an appearance, Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Robert Iler did reprise their roles as Soprano siblings Meadow and AJ, with the commercial showing Meadow driving round New Jersey in the new Chevy while song ‘Woke Up This Morning’ plays in the background. She is then seen meeting up with AJ, marking the first on-screen reunion between the pair since the show ended.

But reunions didn’t just happen on-screen. According to Comicbook.com, The Sopranos creator David Chase and cinematographer Phil Abraham both made a return to behind-the-scenes to make the commercial happen.

Sigler later spoke about reprising her role as Meadow in the commercial in an interview with  The Hollywood Reporter.

“Sopranos has been this unique experience where every time we think it’s going to be the last time we’re doing something, there is always something else that comes,” she said.

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“When I got the call about this commercial, the whole concept made such perfect sense: it’s Chevrolet coming out with this all-new Silverado EV. It’s about a new generation, which Meadow and AJ represent. I thought it was a brilliant idea. And then when they told me David Chase was onboard and Phil Abraham was going to be [the cinematographer], it was so special. It was a dream to do. I had chills the entire time.”

All seasons of The Sopranos and its divisive prequel movie, The Many Saints of Newark, are available to watch on streaming service HBO Max.