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Austin Powers’ Dr. Evil returns in bizarre Super Bowl ad

General Motors have released a 60-second version of its Super Bowl commercial featuring Dr. Evil and other Austin Powers characters

Dr Evil

Dr. Evil’s Mike Myers has reunited with Austin Powers actors Rob Lowe (Number Two), Seth Green (Scott Evil) and Mindy Sterling (Frau Farbissina) in a new commercial for General Motors which will be shown during the Super Bowl on Sunday. It features Dr. Evil having to save the world… before he can take over the world.

The 60-second ad shows Dr. Evil and his henchmen (and woman) sitting in a spacious room made of metal and glass at the top of General Motors HQ. Evil’s son Scott reveals that he has a baby who Evil immediately names Baby Me. Scott responds by saying that his name is Kyle. Evil goes to jettison Scott (maybe there’s a trapdoor that leads to a pool filled with sharks with frickin laser beams somewhere), only for Frau to slap his hand with her riding crop. She says; “You must help save the world first. Then you can take over the world.”

Strangely, Rob Lowe remains in the background and doesn’t say a word for the whole thing, but maybe a longer version will be shown on Sunday. There’s a shot of the baby at the end that is pure nightmare fuel, so be warned.

“It’s a very, very positive message about saving the world,” Myers, 58, told People exclusively about why he signed on for the commercial featuring electric vehicles “I was like, that’s a positive message for my three kids, so I’m in.” Of reuniting with his former co-stars after two decades, he said; “it was like we hadn’t missed a beat. It’s like it was five minutes ago. After three kids I don’t have a sense of time anyways.”

You can watch the advertisement here;

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Obviously, people are now asking whether an Austin Powers 4 will ever happen. Myers says; “I love doing the character. I love these people. And you never know.” Myers is also flattered that Austin Powers and Dr. Evil have become such beloved and quoted characters; “It’s absolutely gratifying. It’s people of all ages and from around the world. It’s hard for my head to take in sometimes, but it’s just a great experience.”

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