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Today’s a not-so-important day for Homer in The Simpsons history

Homer started something on this day in The Simpsons, and you might surprised to read the iconic TV series character never quite finished the job, as usual.

There are important days in The Simpsons, and then there are days that seem completely arbitrary. July 17’s one of those dates, notable within The Simpsons for being when Homer attempts to paint the garage, though it has real world significance too.

In the best animated series, Homer attempts to build his own BBQ, leading to some unexpected consequences. Amid the chaos, he tries to give the garage door a going over, but gets through one corner before leaving a note for tomorrow. That note? “Start here tomorrow 7/17/95”

History was made, or rather, history was signposted for the following day. I don’t want to be too presumptuous, but the patriarch of one of the best TV series ever probably didn’t go back to that bit of DIY. Alas, that’s what makes it one of the best comedy series, really.

‘Mom and Pop Art’ was the 19th episode off season 10, so towards the end of the show’s heyday. Al Jean wrote it, guaranteeing it’d have some substance to it.

The Simpsons garage door partially painted in blue, with the words "Star here tomorrow" painted on after Homer gave up on the job

Nowadays, you can find that all of The Simpsons on Disney Plus, since the House of Mouse acquired 20th Century Studios. It’s easily one of the best Disney Plus shows you can catch, and today’s a perfect day to relive one of the finest episodes from Springfield’s favorite family.

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They’d have laughed, then told you that sounds more ridiculous than Homer doing something around the house. Keep an eye on our new on Disney Plus guide to see what else gets added, and you can use the link above to sign up.