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The Lorax has become an obsession on TikTok

The Lorax, one of the best family movies of the last 20 years, has started trending on TikTok in two different ways, showing truffula forest has lots of fans.

The Lorax

TikTok has a tendency to make the best movies trend for the oddest of reasons. Currently, The Lorax, one of the best family movies, is enjoying some popularity thanks to a couple of interlocking jokes making their way around the platform.

The first is ‘If there is a screen, The Lorax will be seen’, where anything that has a digital display is converted to make the kids movie viewable. One prime example has someone using a calculator to watch The Lorax. truly how the filmmakers intended (and a great tool for killing time in maths class).

The second is much more straightforward, a classic dance trend where people mimic one of the characters from the beloved adventure movie. As Netflix series Wednesday proved, people love to throw out a few moves on TikTok.

Using different devices to watch the film carries on the tradition of Doom ports, whereby the original FPS game is made playable on an array of platforms. These have included a restaurant display system, a digital camera, and the SEGA Genesis.

Maybe these communities could join up to guarantee we have something to watch and play on everything device we own. The Lorax was directed by Chris Renaud and features Danny DeVito as the lead creature, a protector of the magical truffula forest. It’s a Dr Seuss story, much like The Cat in the Hat, so there are plenty of eccentricities to it.

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We wouldn’t mind seeing some new movies get similar treatment. Keep yours on the Barbie movie release date and Fast and Furious 10 release date for chances to get them on your Game and Watch.