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Jason Statham’s teasing Expendables 4, and we’re so ready

Jason Statham has been sharing snippets of The Expendables 4 on his Instagram page, and we couldn't be more hyped for the stacked action movie sequel.

jason statham in the expendables 4 instagram

I still don’t know what The Expendables is about exactly, but judging by Jason Statham‘s Instagram, The Expendables 4 looks set to be a riot. The new movie features Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone), Lee Christmas (Jason Statham), and their group of mercenaries teaming up for one last weapon-filled bonzana. Their mission? To prevent the start of World War III by recovering nuclear weapons which terrorists have stolen.

Iko Uwais, known for his role in martial arts action movies like Snake Eyes, is the head of this terrorist organisation and the main movie villain. The character is described as a soldier-turned-arms-dealer who has amassed his own private army.

According to the thriller movie‘s synopsis, Ross, Christmas, and the rest of their A-Team will be “armed with every weapon they can get their hands on” in order to take down this threat.

jason statham in the expendables 4 instagram

The trailer already teased some of the dizzying action sequences we can expect, but judging by Statham’s Instagram, The Expendables 4 is going out with a hell of a bang.

jason statham in the expendables 4 instagram

Recent posts include Christmas roaring into action on a motorbike, sneaking behind enemy lines with a gun and, most excitingly, what looks like a fight between him and co-star Tony Jaa.

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Needless to say, The Expendables 4 will be an epic way to round off one of the best movie series in the action genre. For more on the 2023 movie, check out our guide to The Expendables 4 release date.