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The Boys star Karl Urban lines up perfect action movie role

Karl Urban might be a bit diabolical in The Boys, but the actor is getting ready to head to another franchise for what may be the perfect action movie role.

The Boys star Karl Urban lines up perfect action movie role

Karl Urban has been in some of the best action movies of all time. From Dredd to the Lord of the Rings movies, The Boys star knows how to take a cinematic punch better than most. So it makes sense that Urban would be in talks to star in a new Mortal Kombat video game movie, right? (The answer is yes!)

According to The Wrap, Urban is in talks to play Johnny Cage in the upcoming sequel to the 2021 Mortal Kombat movie. For fans unfamiliar with the hit franchise, Johnny Cage is a fan favourite figure in the videogame series. He is one of the seven original fighters, debuting in the first Mortal Kombat arcade game and directly modelled after Jean-Claude Van Damme’s character in Bloodsport.

In short, Cage is a tough and wild American action movie star – so who better to play him than the experienced The Boys cast member Karl Urban?

News of Urban’s potential casting isn’t just a welcome update for the actor’s followers but also for Mortal Kombat fans as it fully confirms Johnny Cage in the future instalments.

Cage was one of the only characters who didn’t appear in the franchise’s new movie, so it is a relief to learn that he will be in Mortal Kombat 2 at least.

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Currently, there is no Mortal Kombat 2 release date. However, the fantasy movie‘s director Simon McQuoid has confirmed that filming will take place this year from June to September. Hopefully, the production manages to land the final stage of negotiations for Urban’s casting – we can’t wait to see the star perform some fatalities!

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